About The Cozy Curator

Hi, I'm Carly! I am a modern hostess, decor devotee, sugar addict, organization freak and 'rookie wife.' I am also a luxury travel advisor at the Cozy Traveler! I love seeing the world and find great happiness in helping other people do the same! I am also a homebody and love all things cozy (clearly). I live in Hoboken, NJ with my husband and feel lucky to love where I live. I have a passion for making a house feel like a home. I am always working towards having my heart and home radiate warmth and coziness. I have a knack for styling coffee tables and "everyday" outfits. My passion for entertaining stems from my love of making people happy and the therapeutic process of baking! I live with as much intention as I can cram into a day because I am the only person that can sit in the drivers seat of the one life I am given.

Christmas Day, 2012 I was hit by a car. I was attending Columbia University to pursue a Masters in Social Work at the time but had to leave the program after the accident. Since that day, I have undergone 13 surgeries and numerous procedures to try to correct injuries that I sustained in the accident. I am coping with chronic back pain (despite what it may look like in photos) but constantly finding reasons to smile. I have an intrinsic desire to share light in a world that is often filled with darkness. There are always reasons to be happy, sometimes you just have to create them yourself.

The Cozy Curator is a destination for the modern woman. We are definitely not all Marthas but we are all out here doing our best at creating happy lives, homes that are filled with love and skin that we feel good in. I promise to put out content that is attainable. My goal is to empower you to find the joy that you deserve. Whether it is an easy recipe or a simple outfit idea, the Cozy Curator has got your back. I will continue to share the writings on my heart while I navigate alongside you through all of life's ups and downs. I am definitely no expert in high end fashion, culinary master or licensed decorator. I'm just a girl who has been asked enough times by her girlfriends to share some of her tips and tricks that she decided to create a platform to share them with an extended network of new friends. Thank you for joining my tribe and thank you for following along. Here's to curating some happiness and coziness together!