Our Rehearsal Dinner

I had this vision for an intimate 'secret garden' feel for our rehearsal dinner and it was so fun to have it come to life! We only invited the people that were in our wedding and it enabled us to get some more quality moments with those people. The decor all turned out exactly how I hoped that it would. Most importantly, I could feel the love and the excitement from the people around me. The night just had an intimate feel to it and it was everything that I could have asked for and more.

We started off the day by rehearsing at the venue. It was so fun to show my bridesmaids the place that I was getting married! I got chills when I practiced walking down the aisle towards my groom. Then, I went back to my parent's house and some of the girls came back with me. Jay took one for the team and dealt with anti-fun issues with shuttles and what not. I was sick of dealing with problems by that point and was happy to just have fun. I was also trying to rest my back as much as possible for all of the events so my friends, mom, sister, dad, mother in law, and groom all stepped up to pick up and drop off things at various places. I got a massage on the deck and they laid out on the deck so we chatted. I felt like myself the entire time and felt very calm...I think that a lot of that is because it all felt so 'normal.' It was just like one of the other million times that I've hung out with those same girls on that same deck. The massage was a great move as well!

Since it wasn't logistically easy for us to take photos on the beach on the wedding day, we planned to take photos on the beach before the rehearsal dinner. Of course RIGHT before we were supposed to head to the beach in front of the house, it started to pour! So...we reluctantly told the photographer to call off the plan. All of our guests were already on their way to our house, so we ended up having an impromptu pregame. It was so unexpected, really funny and so fun! There were a few groomsmen (plus their awesome +1s) that had never seen the house before, so we were happy that we got to have them over. Everyone drank and mingled there for a little while. We also gave all of our bridesmaids and groomsmen their gifts. It worked out well to give them the gifts in advance because they wore some of the gifts on the wedding day. I also liked getting to see the guys open their gifts because let's be real, I played a big role in picking them out! We gave the girls a pair of earrings and gave the guys a pair of navy suede shoes and their ties for the wedding. The guys knew that they were getting shoes and a tie (so that they didn't buy one for the wedding on their own), but they all seemed really pumped about the shoes! I also got Jay a suede ring box that he calls the 'Mr. Ring Box' (he got me a Mrs. Ring Box when he proposed). He loves it and it proved to be very useful on the honeymoon.

I was so happy to roll up to The Gables and see this picture in my head come to life. They had to put an awning over the space due to the rain, which wasn't as nice as the open air (obviously). I was just so grateful that we got to have it outside though that I didn't care! I had this idea for the table numbers I think that they turned out so cute! The floral design was just like I pictured it and I loved working with the florist throughout the planning process. I actually had a lot of fun taking photos with Jay...it was nice to sneak away for a moment alone to do them. We had seats reserved for us at two tables for the dinner: 1 at the biggest bridesmaid table and 1 at the biggest groomsmen table. It was a solution to the problem of 'whose friends do we sit with?' Obviously every single person at that party was both of our friends so it was a win-win but the 'largest table for each group' plan was easy. We mingled and moved around a lot and probably ended up sitting for only half of the party. Our friends' baby came and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to squeeze her. I am so grateful that our family and friend's are so fun to be around because I laughed hard. I also LOVED the food, which wasn't surprising since the dinner was held at our favorite restaurant on the island. My favorite memories from the night are of the speeches. Jay's mom and dad each spoke. Jay's mom talked about how his favorite song as a kid was 'Down By The Bay' by Raffie so it was only suiting that our wedding hashtag was #CarlyandJayByTheBay, which I thought was so funny. My best friend since I was 2 years old also gave a speech at the end of the night. She talked about how we played wedding and creating wedding binders as kids after watching the friend's episode with Monica and Rachel's wedding binders. It felt like a big 'full circle' moment. It was so much fun that I wish that I could go back and relive this night over and over again. 

I went back to the house and some of my bridesmaids came with me. My parents built that house when I was 12 years old and my best friends from when I was 12 are still my best friends now. It was probably my billionth sleepover with these girls at that house...only this time it was the night before my wedding. It was very surreal! Jay got a room at a hotel on the island and slept there for the night. It felt so weird to not sleep together and to know that the next time we would see each other would be on our wedding day.

I am in the market for a time machine to take me back to this night. Until then, I will be staring at the photos on repeat. If you'd like to see the rest of the gallery, you can go to https://anncoen.shootproof.com/gallery/4762687/ and enter the password: robinson. Below is all of the information about our rehearsal dinner. Feel free to leave comments or shoot me an email if you have any questions about anything! 

Venue: The Gables

Photographer: Alex Rivera at Ann Coen Photography

Florist: Reynolds

Bride's Hair: Bleu Salon

Bride's Hair Piece: Custom design of fresh flowers by Reynolds

Groom's Suit

Groom's Tie

Bride's Dress: sold out from BHLDN

Table Number Cloches: Cloches from here and calligraphy by Stephanie B. Design

Place Card Setup: Wire clips from here and

Place card calligraphy and printing: Stephanie B. Design

Chandelier: DIY by me with lights, moss wreath, and wreath hanger


Mother of the Bride's Dress

Maid of Honor's Pink Lace Dress

Flutter Leg Jumpsuit

Don't you give extra points to any outfit that is fun to walk in? I love how the split leg pants flutter open. I find jumpsuits hard to wear because I feel like I need to wear heels with them, which I can't do. This wide, open leg fit is easy to wear with flatter shoes. This jumpsuit is all the things...comfortable, pretty, affordable and fun while walking. It comes in a ton of colors too. Obviously, I am boring and obsessed with white so that's what I went with but there are so many other options. I really should start branching out because I looked in my closet for my best friend's rehearsal dinner and had such limited options because I wear so.much.white! I am wearing an XS, so this jumpsuit runs true to size. These earrings are also my favorite of the season..they are just so cool! You can shop everything that I am wearing, including my makeup, by clicking on one of the images below! 

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Summer Salads and Summer Wine

I love dining al fresco in the summer! We spend a lot of time grilling on our patio but we also like to mix it up and eat in spots that have a nice view of the NYC skyline. I mean, we can see a postcard worthy scene right from our rooftop or right in front of our building. When food is supposed to be served hot though, I need to it to be hot when it enters my mouth...it's a thing I have. So I've taken to having salads on these nights that we eat outdoors. I like to get a bottle of wine that pairs well with the salad because that's something that makes my guy happy. As you guys know, I like getting as much stuff delivered to my door as possible (hello easy living!). Winc is my favorite service for wine delivery because they have tons of cool brands that I haven't bought before. It's fun to try new brands and I have yet to order one that didn't go over well. Also, I'd be lying if I said that the pretty labels didn't sell me. Cozy Curator readers can receive FOUR bottles of wine for $27 and get complimentary shipping by going to www.trywinc.com/cozycurator and entering the code COZYCURATOR at checkout. 

Summer Salad Recipe:


2 ripe peaches

8oz. mixed greens (I used an arugula and spinach mix)

Squash blossoms

8oz. fresh mozzarella (I used bocconcini) 

3T of your favorite pesto

2T balsamic vinegar

2T olive oil


Slice the peaches

Slice the bottoms off of the squash blossoms

Mix all of the ingredients together

Drizzle the pesto, balsamic, and olive oil over the salad


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Honeymoon Suitcase

I am crazy excited for my honeymoon! After the wedding, we head to the French Polynesia for 10 days! We leave on Wednesday and fly to LAX. We decided to spend a night in Santa Monica on either leg of the trip in order to break up the travel, which is hard on my back. Then, we go to Moorea for four nights and Bora Bora for six nights. It has been a dream of ours to do this for forever so I am bursting at my seams from excitement that it is actually happening. Since we are obviously planning a wedding right beforehand, I felt like it was important to be prepared well in advance. I used the app M Board to create mood boards of each outfit (like the one featured above with one of my airplane outfits). I know that I am fully crazy but I am also a littttleee bit smart because I was able to get organized well in advance (from my bed).  I like putting together my outfits beforehand so that I don't waste time trying things on while we are away. I ordered us both some clothes at the end of last summer when things were on sale and kept them tucked away in my closet. Every time that either of us bought something (aka when I bought either of us something) that we wanted to bring on the honeymoon, I would take a picture of it and upload it into a shared album in the 'cloud' titled "honeymoon clothes." I am currently mega grateful that I was prepared because it was already enough of a job throwing all of the items into suitcases with everything else that we have going on! I linked everything that we are both taking on the trip...whether it's our outfits, the items in my carryon, the contents of my beach bag, or my cosmetics....it's alllll here. If you've been to The French Polynesia and have any tips/tricks for us, please leave them in the comments below! 

My Outfits

My Groom's Suitcase

In My Carryon

In My Cosmetic Bag

In My Beach Bag

Bridesmaid Luncheon For the Win

Let’s be real, being a bridesmaid is one of the greatest honors there is but it also is a big role to take on. Being a bridesmaid requires a dedication of both time and money. Therefore, it’s nice to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids to take on the task in a way that makes them feel special. Why not take it to the next level and DO something special for them in the process? 

If you want to make the food yourself as a labor of love, here are some ideas for "light bites." Your bridesmaids will go crazy over these cute but simple finger foods. Pair them with some sangria and everyone goes home happy!

-A crostini with goat cheese, sliced strawberry, basil and a balsamic reduction to finish it off.

-A crostini with ricotta, sliced pear, slivered almonds and a drizzle of agave to really seal the deal.

-A mini skewer with feta, mint leaf, and watermelon--on repeat!

-A "mini sword" skewer with mozzarella, cantaloupe, prosciutto, and a balsamic reduction.

-A cajun shrimp scoop to really bring home the win! Steam your shrimp and then toss them in some olive oil. Next, sprinkle them with cayenne pepper and paprika. Place the shrimp inside a Tostitos scoop chip. Then, add a piece of avocado and a dollop of sour cream.

I wrote each of my bridesmaids a note about how important she is to me and why I want her in my bridal party. I bought cards from BHLDN that have a custom scratch off. I wrote a "superlative" or tagline for each of my bridesmaids on the outside of the card. Then, I covered the writing with a gold sticker that doubles as a scratch off. The scratch off process revealed lines such as... 

"We played 'wedding' as 2 year olds...now will you actually be my bridesmaid?" 

Links to featured products:


Paper products



Lemon Print Trend

I'm jumping on the band wagon for the lemons trend and not looking back. I bought this little sundress from Forever 21 at the start of the season and it sold out immediately. However, I linked a bunch of other lemon printed clothing and accessories that are super fun. My friend is going to Capri and I essentially stalked her with how many lemon links I sent her. I mean, how perfect would these pieces be in Capri?! For now, I'll just have to settle for drinking lemonade on my rooftop...poor me, I know! 

Links To Lemon Printed Pieces

Summer Style With Plum Pretty Sugar

I've been crushing on Plum Pretty Sugar's robes for a while now. They are so feminine and pretty. I swear I must have looked into the bridesmaid robes in about 100 pictures only to find out that they were all Plum Pretty Sugar. Suffice it to say, I was excited to find out that they started making other clothing. They now make tops, rompers, dresses...the whole shebang! They even have this romper meets dress, which I am so down with. It looks like a dress but you don't need to constantly be worried about crossing your legs. Modern women rejoice! Their pieces are perfect for summer because they are bright, cheerful and girly! The floral prints are my favorites because I'm just basic like that. You can shop their clothing line at http://www.plumprettysugar.com/

This post is sponsored but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Photos by Rachel Ellentuck Photography

My New Jersey Bridal Shower

I swear that if you reached your arm out in the room at my bridal shower, you would be able to grab onto a fistful of love....it was palpable and I basked in it hard. I knew that I would feel loved but there was an energy in that room that felt like it was bouncing off of the walls and it was sure as heck bouncing around the walls of my head. I had such a physical response to the entire thing that I did not expect. I had adrenaline PUMPING through me like crazy...to the point that right when we got in the car afterwards a flood of a headache came immediately. I was trembly and beyond drained...and that was only 2.5 hours! What will the wedding day be like?! It was intensely overwhelming but in the most positive way that you could imagine.


I know that my mom has incredible taste and is talented in so many arenas...one of which includes hosting. I asked her in the start of our engagement if all of the bridal shower stuff could be a surprise aka go the "traditional" route. I ended up having to get involved in the "when" because coordinating dates that worked for my entire bridal party for this and my bachelorette party proved to be very challenging. My mom struggled with not discussing things with me since we talk about everything normally. She told me that she booked a venue and was THRILLED with it. She also told me when she was working on things related to the shower and so I know that she put so so so so so many hours into making this day so special for me. I also know that my sister has a no BS policy in life and would make sure that everything was chill and not too "attentiony/themey." Her and my mom worked as a great team because they both have different strengths. My bridesmaids all know me creepily well...I mean I have known some of them since I was 2 years old! It was fun to learn afterwards what certain bridesmaids worked on for the day! Needless to say, I went into this day with sky high expectations that were created from knowing how kick ass this group of women are....and somehow it exceeded them by far. How is that even possible? I'm not sure. 

I got my hair and makeup done and ended up unhappy with the results. My appointment ran late so I had the choice of living with that feeling of disappointment or fixing it myself and being late. Soooo into the bathroom I went and I exited feeling a lot more like myself....minus the frantic feeling inside of knowing that I was a half hour behind schedule. The upside was that I was too frazzled to pay attention to where we were going as I was fixing my makeup in the car. The downside is that I ended up half of the cocktail hour in the garden and had to make "an entrance," which I did not want to do. 


We pulled off of the highway and were suddenly in some beautiful park with green hills. I was like "omg it's at this park?! It's gorgeous!" Jay kept driving us further and further up a hill on a windy little road. I honestly don't even know what the heck I was saying because I was so blown away but I remember Jay saying "this is so unfair it should be your mom and sister here with you hearing your reaction, not me," so I guess I was saying a lot haha. When we got to the top, there was a historic estate that consisted of a huge castle like building and this gorgeous brick building. The shower was in the brick building called 90 Acres at Natitar. I had heard of 90 acres before but I am horrible with remembering names/locations... so I didn't remember anything about it. It is a restaurant on this gorgeous land, that includes a farm. The restaurant is farm to table and I am definitely going back! 

When I arrived, my mom, dad and sister greeted me outside. Then, I went inside and experienced what it would be like to be Justin Bieber for a hot minute. I just saw a line of phones sticking out from behind one another. There were faces behind the phones and those people were cheering and screaming for my arrival. I'm not going to lie, I did not like that moment. Luckily it lasted for only a second.  As soon as the faces came out from behind the screens and I saw my best friends...I felt excited to see them and felt comforted hugging them. I was whisked away to cocktail hour, which was on the back patio. It had cool couches and tables and a bar and I was thrilled that we were outside. The sky was so blue and I was so happy that the sun was shining and that we got to be outdoors (my favorite)! It was so fun to see everyone and talk to them.

After what felt like three seconds, my mom was saying that it was time to go inside. Everyone was asking what I thought about different details but I hadn't even seen anything besides the stunning setting because I narrowed in on seeing "my people." You guys...my parents made this place card board! I am so impressed and SO in love with it. My best friend wrote all of the place cards and let me just tell you that I LOVED the entire thing. I also loved all of the flowers big time. The flowers were so stunning and so alligned with my taste! Each woman got to bring home a peony in a mercury glass bud vase as their favor...who wouldn't love that?! 


One of my favorite details was this "memory box." They asked each guest to write down a memory that they shared with me. I LOVED reading them all...I laughed and I cried. I grew up with a lot of these girls so there were absurd stories from when we were kids. I love heartfelt cards because they give you the opportunity to see yourself through someone else's eyes. We beat ourselves up over our failures and shortcomings and knowing that someone thinks that you're doing a good job at being a friend or whatever can go a long way. I will treasure these memory cards and my gift cards for forever. My mom wrote my birth story as her memory. She finished by saying "one day you will plant my flowers" because she has done SO much for me as a adult every since I got injured...including planting my flowers. I am crying just thinking about it!

My mom welcomed Jay's mom up and gave such a beautiful speech! She obviously started it by saying that she can't wait for the day that Cindy and her share grandbabies (so classic of my mom). Part of her speech reads, "I am so grateful that she has found a partner that makes her laugh, helps her problem solve, brings romance into her life and shares her everyday moments." It really is true that your mother is always right...

We played one game...the "newlywed" game. Jay sat on a stool behind me and we both wrote down our answers on white boards and then held them up to see if they matched. The punishment when we got a question wrong was that we had to chew another strip of bubble gum. Jay's sister started signaling at me from across the room to tell me to spit out my gum and that it wasn't a good look. Apparently she missed that the gum was punishment and that I was meant to look stupid with it haha. I appreciate her having my back though! I love my best friend's face while listening to one of our "cringeworthy" answers.

The kids made the party SO fun for me. My nephew and friend's daughter fell in love instantly and when I saw that I said "okay we can all go home now...my life is made." There was some competition over my lap and I think that it's safe to say that these girls would make better brides that I will with loving the attention. Our nephew on the other hand was stoneface for me and then jumped up and down like Santa was arriving when Jay came back. I'd be bitterly jealous if their relationship didn't make my heart (and uterus) burst.

For the first half hour or so I was having an out of body experience. I felt like I was floating above and looking down at what was happening. I was so over stimulated (in a positive way) by all of the incredible things and people around me. It was so incredible but I knew that it would fly by at an even faster speed if I wasn't fully present. Lucky, I have a couple of skills in life and one of them is power over my mind (living in chronic pain will force you into that skill). I coached myself into "planting my feet" on the floor. I was able to come down and be truly there with my people after I caught and redirected myself and it is something that I am definitely keeping in my back pocket for the wedding day!


I felt like the entire party I didn't spend enough time with any one person. I guess that's how you know that you did a "good job" of mingling and spreading yourself around because I feel like I got little doses of everyone but not enough of any one person. There were less than 45 people there so I can't even imagine how it will feel at our wedding with 200! I was only at the shower for 2.5 hours though so at least the wedding will be longer. Did any of you feel this way at your showers?! If you have any tips for the wedding, please leave them in the comments below. These women filled my love tank up so high. I am so grateful for all of the love that they showered me with. Some of them traveled from so far via plane, train, and car. I looked out in that room and I saw faces of these girls that I know did pain in the butt things to be there and I just kept thinking "wow, they really love me." Well guess what...I love them back tenfold! These girls are my tribe. I will never be able to give a sufficient thank you to my mom, sister/maid of honor and bridesmaids. Thank you for all that you have done for me and this incredible day! I will never forget what you did to make this day the 11/10 that it was!



Venue: 90 Acres at Natirar

Florist: A Touch of Elegance

Photographer: Cinnamon Wolfe Photography

My dress: I got my dress on major clearance at the end of last summer. Pro tip is to buy white clothing at the end of the summer season if you know that your wedding events will be after it. I found the dress and linked it here and here.


My Pennsylvania Bridal Shower

I really really love my future mother in law A LOT. Seriously...I'm not just saying that because she can read this haha. She is a warm and sweet person....she is easy going and easy to get along with. From as long as Jay can remember, it was just him and his mom in his house so they are very close. I recognized the importance of that bond from the start and have jumped on the bandwagon to form my own close relationship with her while still trying to let them have their own. We have a very close friendship as well as a mother/daughter like relationship. Jay's sister is 10 years older than him so their relationship has always been somewhere in between siblings and mother/son. I became very close with her and her daughter almost immediately! She's felt like my sister for many many years now so I am glad that she is about to officially become that. Our niece is someone that I adore. We have always been besties and attached at the hip when we are together. Jay and I started seeing each other right after she was born so her growth is the visual representation of our relationship's longevity. The three of these women, along with my future MIL's best friend (who is the sweetest person), threw me SUCH a beautiful shower in Jay's home town.

The shower left me feeling adored by these women. I could see right in front of my eyes that they know me, they love me, and they want me to be happy. Jay's mom and her bestie arranged stunning flower arrangements that are just up my alley (hellloooo white peonies). They set up the girliest tablescapes outside that made it feel like such a elegant yet relaxed affair (a combo that I love). Jay's mom and her friend made all of the food and it was all SO thought out and so adorable. When I saw that each item was vegetarian my eyes watered up. It was such a thoughtful gesture that really threw me back for a moment. Jay's sister brought the favors that were so me its not even funny. I'm pretty sure she went on Pinterest and typed in "cozy curator bridal shower favors" because they are just ridiculously on point. These little touches were demonstrations of love in my eyes and they are ones that I will never forget.

The shower was also perfect because it allowed all of Jay's mom's friends to attend without having to travel three hours to my moms shower. I loved getting to spend time with all of Cindy's friends. They were all so welcoming and fun. They told me fun stories and just really gave off warm energy. I have always been extremely grateful to them all for being great friends to Cindy. The same woman that hosted the shower at her house hosts birthday dinners for her each year...its just those little things that go a long way. Now, I got to experience the kind of women that they are as they treated me so well. A lot of these women were the moms in Jay's playgroup when he was a kid and I learned that Jay is the first play group kid to get married. Considering Jay never brought a girl home to meet his family before me, I'm sure that they were not expecting that he'd be the first to get married!

My mom and sister also joined the party and I am so grateful that they were there. It wouldn't have felt right or as special without them so I am glad that they made the trip. Every bride needs her maid of honor and mother of the bride, no matter how many times said bride insisted that they didn't have to do the drive...once in a while said bride is clearly wrong! My mom is the woman behind Rachel Ellentuck Photography so I am glad that she was there to take all of these photos! 

The Comfiest Summer Dress

Summer is my favorite season by the longest shot. It's also my favorite season to dress for. I know that this blog is called the Cozy Curator and that makes you think of winter but for me coziness is something that goes on all year. I started this space with the intention of spreading that cozy feeling..the kind that you get when talking to your best friend, let's say. I've also taken the liberty of forcing you into becoming my friend. I'm that annoying person that will go up to all of my friends and make them touch this dress to prove how soft it is. Let's just say that I get super passionate about the things that I stand behind and love (another reason why I created this blog)! My sister makes fun of me when we go shopping because I have to touch every piece of clothing to see if it passes the coziness test. Since you guys can't touch the fabric through the screen (when are they going to come out with that feature?!) you will have to just take my word for it. Obviously sweatpants and Jay's t-shirt are my favorite cozy wear but those are reserved for days that I am feeling down. It's like the chicken or the egg scenario with clothes because we want to just be comfy when we don't feel "great" and then when we dress slobby we don't feel good about ourselves. I was always the weirdo that dressed up to take a test because I felt like it make me confident and perform at my best. Luckily, summer sundresses allow us to combine looking good and feeling comfortable. This dress is going to be worn weekly this summer. Seriously, its my go-to day to day piece right now. It is the softest thing ever. It is so light feeling and isn't too tight. It's that perfect amount of tight that allows you to get away with not wearing a bra if you're just sticking close to home but is stretchy enough to be super comfortable. It also has that skater skirt that allows more room for the bloat that follows crushing pizza. Now go get cozy-ready for summer and eat that pizza that I was talking about once you get it! 

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Bloomingdales 'Main Event' Sale

Don't you love when sales happen right before the peak of the season instead of only when it's over? Bloomingdale's 'Main Event' sale had me browsing for some summer dresses and bathing suits. My friends have been saying that they've been struggling to find dresses for bridal showers and rehearsal dinners so I included a bunch that would be great for events like those. I thought that I would round up some of my favorite pieces from the sale below. I purchased a few, already own a bunch and just love them all! Don't forget to put in the promo code MAINEVENT at check out.



Bathing Suits

TV Unit Makeover

Here is the living room and TV unit before I moved in...

Here is the TV unit now...

The guy that we bought the apartment from added an awesome TV unit built in that had an orangish wood wash. It was really cool but definitely not my style. I *maturely* agreed to live with it for a year and see if it grew on me. Big shock, it did not! So the following year, my parents gave me the birthday present of redoing it. I looked into so many options for how to go about the change. Eventually, I decided to cover the wood with textured wallpaper from Anthropologie (that is currently sold out). It changed the appearance of the unit into looking more like a wall with shelving than a built in. It also made a HUGE impact in the aesthetic of the room. It transformed the room into a much brighter and whiter space. The orange wash of the shelving drew out the orange tint in our wood floors and since I loath all things orange, I was not a fan.

The TV unit made me thrilled and felt so much more "me." It's now been a year since its been redone and I only just truly finished it. I had the best time decorating it for the holidays this year with all white decor. I had an even better time decorating it permanently. I still want to work on the top shelf though. All of the pieces are very affordable...they're from Target, Urban Outfitters, CB2, and Anthropologie. I splurged on the bookends from and they were so worth it. I struggled with buying books that I felt were "worthy" of that spot. If it was a bigger shelf and I had more books up there, I would have gone to a used book store and been fine with the selection. The only used books that I could find were ivory and not white enough and I just couldn't get past it. Sooo, the thing that I should have spent the least amount of money on, I ended up spending the most on. They are so unique and cool though so I honestly have no regrets. All of the items on the shelf are linked below.

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