Sephora Spring Sale

Guys....the Sephora Spring sale is here!!! It's one of my favorite sales of the year and I like to load up on all of my favorite beauty products while I can get a good deal. You can get 10-15% off, depending on your Sephora status. VIB members get 15% off with code YAYVIB and Rogue members get 15% off with code YAYROGUE. Beauty Insider Members get 10% off with code YAYINSIDER. 

I love skincare and am passionate about it. We only get one face for the rest of our lives so I'm trying to be better about taking care of mine NOW! These are my tried and true FAVORITES, many of which you may have seen me rave about (Kiehls daytime oil and night time oil, along with the Sunday Riley Toner are ones I've talked about in my stories a few times)! I loaded up on a bunch of these sunscreen products in anticipation of the sunshine that's supposedly coming our way while they were on sale because they are AWESOME! The Supergood products, like this one, are AWESOME and don't leave your greasy and gross (the oil is the only oily one) and are natural. This setting mist saved the day every time I was wearing makeup last summer but needed a refresh with my SPF. 

I also linked all of my favorite makeup products that I wouldn't survive without some of these! I especially have been loving my Tarte products (I've always been a huge fan of the lipsticks but have recently branched out and am obsessed with the powder and liquid foundations too). If you're looking for some new hair products, those are also linked at the bottom of this post! My favorite is the dryspun finish spray because it gives you volume (which I always desperately need) and finishes off your hair but doesn't make it hard like hairspray would. 




Straw Bags

I can't get enough of the straw bag trend! I LOVE them for the Spring and Summer and think they are especially perfect any time I'm near a beach. I'm not one to spend a ton of money on handbags. I think that these are SO fun and they're perfect to take from day to night in most occasions. I packed my straw clutch for every trip last year because it's so lightweight and perfect for travel. Plus, who doesn't love a straw beach bag?! These totes are perfect to take as your carry on for travel and then turn into your beach bag on vacation. 

Shopbop Sale April, 2018

Shopbop is having another one of it's epic sales! The plus side is you can get items on sale that hardly ever get marked down. The downside is there are soooo many items to sort through. I did the sorting for you and linked my favorite items from the sale below! Some of these are my go-tos (like my favorite white tee) and some are on my wish list. Use the code EVENT18 for 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders over $500. 

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Bridal Shower Dresses

I went to my friend's bridal shower on Saturday and it got me thinking about great dresses for bridal showers. I'm thinking that the weather will get warmer some time soon (it has to, right?!) so I pulled together some perfect dresses for Spring and Summer showers! These are also great for any Spring or Summer party or dinner of course. I love wearing something girly for a shower though. The dress that I'm wearing in these photos runs true to size but I would size up one size if you have big boobs are are tall. I wear a 34C or 36B bra and am 5'4" and got a size 2 for reference. It's only $29, which is crazy! 

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One Piece Swimsuits

My friends would make fun of me for wearing *sexy* one pieces before they were "in" years ago but I didn't care because I've been a strong believer in them! They have the ability to be just as hot as bikinis in many instances but still allow you to each pool side chips and guac at leisure. Win-Win! I rounded up all of my favorite one pieces this year and linked them below. The one that I am wearing in the photos looks good on everyone, seriously. It holds you in while still revealing enough. It also is really comfortable because it doesn't have strings pulling on your neck. you can adjust the tightness up top with a tie in the back still. It runs TTS (I'm wearing a small, which I usually do in bathingsuits and bodysuits). However, if you're looking for full butt coverage then I would size up. Now, we just need beach weather!

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Big Announcement!

I am now a luxury travel advisor!

The 'Cozy brand' now includes the Cozy Traveler! At the Cozy Traveler, I work as a travel agent to create completely customized itineraries that are full of all of those little cozy touches for my clients. I am an affiliate of Smartflyer, a full service travel agency with tons of amazing partners around the world. I am also a member of the Virtuoso network. In other words, I work with the best of the best in the industry! I started this job a couple of months ago and already planned a bunch of trips!

How does it work?

I do not charge my clients a booking fee. Instead, I get paid a commission from the hotels, tour companies, airlines, villa companies, ect. When you book with Cozy Traveler, you get added perks as a result of my partnerships and affiliations, without the added cost. Additionally, the planning process is greatly simplified and you can rest easy knowing that you are being sent to the best hotels, restaurants, and tour companies. Here's a little more about how the process of working together transpires...


Why did I decide to become a travel agent?

This has been in the works since shortly after I returned home from my honeymoon in French Polynesia. I used a travel agent (who is an affiliate at Smartflyer and is now my mentor!) and was blown away by the experience. The entire process was so seamless and easy! After planning so many details of the wedding myself, it was so nice to have an expert guiding me through the process and ultimately planning a perfect honeymoon! My husband kept saying that he's never seen me as relaxed as I was on our honeymoon. All that we had to do was show up and drivers were waiting for us to bring us to our hotel, excursions were already arranged, and everything just ran so smoothly. I was completely transfixed with the experience and became obsessed with providing the service for other people.

I also saw how many perks there were from booking with a travel agent at Smartflyer. We got a free couple's massage in Bora Bora, complimentary breakfast every day, free bottles of champagne, and a resort credit at each of the hotels we stayed at. We were also prioritized for the first row of villas on the beach in Moorea because our agent put in the request and hotels tend to do everything in their power to make clients of Smartflyer happy! It also gave me peace of mind knowing that we were experiencing the 'best of the best' by following our travel agent's recommendations. Here's a little more information about the perks of working with a me:

The other reason that I decided to join this field is that it fits well with my back injury and issues related to my chronic pain. I can work remotely from home, which is huge for me. I have been working for the past couple of months from my couch and it's been perfect for my current post-op situation. At the time of my accident, I was in graduate school pursuing a Master's of Social Work degree and had to take a medical leave of absence afterwards. I started an online Master's program at one point but I ultimately decided that it wasn't a good idea to invest money into schooling if I didn't know for certain that I would ever be able to sit in an office every day of the week. I launched this blog a year ago, which I've loved working on, and I do freelance writing for Style Me Pretty. I was always someone with a very clear direction on what I wanted to do and it's been a rough few years as I tried to find something that would both work with my surgery schedules, and modifications due to pain but still also light a fire in me. I was placed in a crossroads following my accident and its really tested my identity in a lot of ways. The thing that I work the hardest at and am the most proud of is that I refuse to let this card that I've been dealt change who I am. I wanted to find a career path that I found fulfilling, was passionate about and felt like me. I am so happy to say that I have finally arrived and am so happy to have found a career that I am excited about, interested in, and still works with the limitations I had handed to me.

My accident also taught me many valuable lessons on just how precious and fleeting life can be. I decided that I wanted to do something every day that would make people happy. We all need to choose happiness right now. That is one of the many reasons why I'm committed to helping enrich people's’ lives through travel. Nothing makes me happier than making people’s dreams come to fruition! Today is the best day to work on making your dreams come true! After all, travel makes life come to life.

IMG_0102 (1).jpg

How can I help you?

I can book everything from one night in a hotel to a fully planned itinerary with flights, accommodations, tours, transfers, cruises, reservations (and everything in between). I particularly focus on honeymoons, beach destinations, Europe, safaris and family getaways. However, I have a wealth of information at my fingertips and a network of industry experts that make planning in any destination seamless! In order to get started, you can fill out this contact form or email me at Feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

Follow along!

Catch wanderlust by following the Cozy_Traveler Instagram feed! I'll be posting photos from my own travels, my client's explorations (who give permission of course) and travel inspiration in general! 

What does this mean for the Cozy Curator?

I will still be posting blog posts, Instagrams and working on the Cozy Curator! I love connecting with you guys and sharing recipes, home decor, fashion and all of that! Now more travel will be added into the mix via @cozy_traveler so please head over there and follow along! 

Thank you!

Thank you for following along on this journey and for all of your support along the way. I hope that we will get to send you off on a cozy adventure together as well! 

Wrinkle Prevention & Treatment Part 2- Botox!

You might remember that I met with the amazing Jessica Kaylor (aka at Schweiger Dermatology a couple of months ago about wrinkle prevention and treatment. You can read all about my consult and what I learned in this blog postJessica recommended that I get Botox to both treat and prevent the worsening of my wrinkles. You can watch the videos of her giving me the Botox, along with more insight from Jessica, at the bottom of this post. The photos on the left side (in blue sweater) of every collage are the ‘before’ photos and the photos on the ride side (in black shirt) are the ‘after’ photos. I did not smooth my skin or edit any of the photos.

What is the process like?

I went in for my consultation with her and ended up getting Botox injections for my crows feet, in my forehead and a little bit between my eyebrows. She counts out how much of the liquid she will need based on the areas that you need done. Jessica is really thorough and thinks through the whole process. She recommended areas that would 'even out' my wrinkles and make it look even and natural. Then, she gave me icepacks to put on the area and told me to use the muscle so that she knew exactly where to insert the needle. Right afterwards, the area swells up a little because substance is being pushed into a small area. I didn't even know that it was swollen from how it felt and only realized once she said something and I looked in the mirror. My swollen spots went down within 20 minutes or so. Jessica is conservative and was on board with the plan to make sure that I did not look "frozen" or different. She said that she will give patients what they ask for but she likes to start with less at first and then have you come back for touch ups. I liked this plan because you can always add more but you can't remove some if you don't like it. I ended up still having a decent amount of crows feet wrinkles (which she predicted I would but wanted to be conservative the first time and learn for sure which spots are ideal to inject and how much to inject). I went in two weeks later for a touch up and am thrilled with the results!


Did it hurt?

Not at all...seriously! My friend said, "well you have a high tolerance because you live in pain" and I have to tell you that it isn't even a factor. Seriously, a flu shot hurts more than Botox injections. I didn't feel the liquid pushing into me as much as I do with a shot in my arm either. She gives you ice to put on the area before doing the injection but when I went in for my touch ups, I told her not even to bother. The needle is SO thin! 

Are their any limitations as to what you can/cannot do after?

If you're going to work out that day, get it over with before you go in for your appointment. As a general rule, Jessica recommends avoiding anything that would cause a head rush. She also prefers when her patients come in with a clean face with no makeup on it, ideally. This is so that she can really see every single line and get a great sense of your wrinkles.


How much does it cost?

Jessica is offering a 20% Cozy Curator discount for all of my readers! The price varies based on how many areas you are getting injected. 

Will I look different?

I can tell you that the only way that I look different is that I look better haha. My skin looks so much smoother! I can still make every expression that I want to and my face still totally moves. When I furrow my brows though, they aren't getting as furrowed and the lines aren't getting as deep. I can still see my smile in my eyes and everything. She used this analogy that I think is so on point: Botox is like smoothing out a skirt. My face is the skirt and it is so much smoother now that I got the Botox. However, the "skirt" still moves and flows. The lines were smoothed out though, which is great for now but also for the future because now those wrinkles won't continue to get deeper and deeper as a result of continuous deep creasing (laser resurfacing can actually iron it out). The other surprise win that I noticed is that my eyebrows strangely look better. They are now sitting more on my true "brow line" of my brow bone and therefore look a little bit more spread out and shapely. 


How can I schedule my Botox appointment?

You can make an appointment with Jessica Kaylor, MMS, PA-C in her Manhattan or Hoboken office by visiting Schweiger Dermotology's website or calling 201-795-0021. Make sure to also follow Jessica on Instagram for lots of helpful skincare tips! 

Videos of me getting Botox: 

Obviously, if you have a needle phobia then you may not want to watch. The needle was SO thin and tiny though! 

Ten Things Tuesday 3/27

I don't know about you, but my Monday felt very Mondayish. I'm saying peace to that day (in this shirt) and welcoming Tuesday with open arms! I'm sprucing up all of our Tuesday's with a 10 things Tuesday post. I love all of these items! Just click on an image to shop it.

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My Latest Boho Bedroom Dreams

If money wasn't standing in my way, I would redo every room in my apartment (you know all 2 of them + 2 bathrooms and kitchen haha) once a year without a dot of stress. It would bring me SO much joy. I LOVE the creative process of decorating so much! I find it to be such an outlet for me and I enjoy creating a home that feels like us so much. It would be so fun to get to revamp a space and get to experiment with different styles a little more each year. Let's be real though, I would probably keep it ivory, whites and grays at all times though haha. I'm all about using more textures than colors because I like for things to look clean but I think that textures add warmth to spaces. I promise to add a little bit of color to my kids rooms one day. Since I can't actually afford to redo my apartment, I thought I'd create a little vision board with what I am feeling at this current moment for my bedroom. Here is my latest boho bedroom dream. You can shop these items by clicking on an image above in the collage. I also linked them, along with some similar items, below.

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Embroidered Tops For Spring

Do you guys love an embroidered blouse as much as I do? These are giving me all of the Spring feels. These are the perfect touch of bohemian that make you want to move to a beach town but still be able to go to your job (and wear a lot of these tops). They're flirty and fun! Just click on an image to shop it. 

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Spring Sneakers

I've been on the hunt for pink sneakers that are really comfortable for so long. I have a really high standard for sneaker comfort. I'm so happy that I found these! They're perfect for Spring and so cheerful. I basically want all of the sneakers that I linked! Get ready to step into spring with these bad boys...

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Easter/Passover Dresses

Easter and Passover are the perfect opportunities to wear floral, lace and pastel colored dresses. Even if the weather isn't matching the tone of the holidays, I'm always up for the task, how about you guys? I'm so excited for Spring I could burst! These garden roses from Bouqs are giving me all of the Spring holiday feels! So are these pretty dresses! 

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