How To Photograph Your Engagement Ring

If you are are like most brides-to be, you want your diamond to sparkle and look big in the photos.  I have had the most luck creating that ‘Wow’ photo by incorporating some props into the picture. The key to capturing the sparkle is in the lighting. You should set up your shot close to a window that has sunlight streaming in. If you have another person help you, the process will be seamless. You can have your assistant stand a short distance away from you in the sunlight. Have you helper hold the ring so that the sunlight shines into the diamond.

I have created interesting and feminine shots by using props such as flowers, ring boxes, and mirrors. If you are using a flower as a prop, have your assistant hold the flower upside down. Have the helper hold the stem so that the flower head is closer to the floor. Next, slip the ring onto the stem in order to create a clean, natural.  You can also use a more plush flower, like a peony, by resting the ring on top of the petals. You should keep playing around with the positioning of the ring until the light captures the stone’s radiance.

Get in close to your ring when photographing it. If you are shooting with a DSLR camera, use a tripod and a macro lens. If you are using a cell phone, be sure to prop the phone on a steady surface. Tap the phone’s screen in the spot that you want the camera to focus. Move your body’s positioning until you find an angle that you love. You may have to go above or below the ring in order to get the perfect viewpoint.

If you are not a fan of photographing your ring in a flower, you can fold a piece of white computer paper in half and roll it up to use it as a prop for your ring.  Leave some distance between the ring and the backdrop of the paper ‘wall’ behind your ring.  Flat lay photography is very ‘in’ right now and is fairly easy to create. Be sure to work in a brightly lit area and create a little scene. Photographs are always more striking when they tell a piece of a story and encourage the observer to imagine the rest of it. Props add interest and create a mood for your photograph.

Happy Clicking!!