Bravery Without The Cape


You know, the type of bravery that looks ordinary but is anything but that. The kind that you can see on the faces of both mothers and children on the first day of school. The type that is not frequently applauded but should be, at least intrinsically. The bravery that you can demonstrate regularly, even if you are not always conscious of it.

Bravery can take on so many forms…

It's grasping onto who you are, even if it sometimes requires doing so with two tight fists, while accepting that some small parts will slip through your fingertips.

It’s leading a dedicated search for genuine peace with all of the moments that your life didn’t go down the route that you “thought” or “planned” that they would.

It’s choosing to live with intention, even though moving through the motions is so much easier.

It’s constantly working on your self awareness even though it’s sometimes hard to see the reflection staring back at you.

It’s creating happiness for yourself in addition to just looking for it.

It’s not avoiding sadness all together. Instead, it’s continuing to fight and move forward, even when sadness is present.

It’s adjusting your sails instead of docking the boat when the water gets choppy.