Finding The Sunshine

I believe so thoroughly that we each need to grab onto the reins of our own happiness, even if it is with a pinky finger at times. We can’t always choose the route that our life is taking but we can always chose the way that we ride along it. It is (hopefully) a long ride and you are never going to be happy the whole way. There are going to be a ton of bumps in the road and those will strike more consuming emotions than the smooth paths. Negative emotions can be so overwhelming for our bodies, minds, and hearts. During those consuming periods, we need to work extra hard at finding the sunshine. I promise, you will always find it.

Even during the days when it feels like all of the reasons to smile are sucked out of the room with a vacuum, find one. Find a way to choose happiness

Because for every shitty sleepless hour that I spent in pain last night (all of them!) there are a lot more hours that I have lived in the warmth of the people that I love and love me.

It is so much less about what is happening to us and more about what we are doing in its wake.

So, go stare at some flowers, eat a cupcake, feel some fresh air, or do whatever little thing it takes to bring even a little bit of light into any darkness that you may be encountering. Now is now. Find that freaking sunshine.