If Only It Was A Bag Of Diamonds

     I have this belief that we are all carrying a bag of metaphorical rocks. We are not supposed to compare the contents of our bags because regardless of how many rocks are inside, it can feel heavy to the person carrying it. THAT is the truth that matters. Your struggles may not be the same as mine. What affects you strongly may not even affect me. The hardships that I am facing may not be ones that you can relate to. The point isn’t that we need to be carrying the same load or that we need to know from personal experience how it feels to carry certain rocks. The point is to walk alongside one another as we carry our bags and help alleviate some of the weight if we can.

   If you let me peek inside of your bag and heart heart, I will listen and remember what you shared with me for forever. Because even if we can’t help each other carry the weight physically, we can walk alongside another throughout the journey. Thank you to all of you who have seen the composition of my bag and choose to walk alongside me. Thank you to all of you who let me peek inside of your bags. The love that we can share can make the load feel a whole lot lighter!