Nontraditional Wreath DIY

Who decided that Christmas wreaths can only be red and green? You know that “rule” that states that wreaths need to be made from pine and/or ivy and can only incorporate poinsettias? Screw it! You know the tradition of wreaths involving Poinsettias as the only flower? Well, I’m breaking it. Here comes the bohemian and majestic wreath of your dreams!


  • Eucalyptus (silver dollar)

  • Flowers of your choice (I used fresh flowers but obviously if you want it to last longer then you should use dried flowers)

  • Wire clothing hanger

  • Floral wire (or another lightweight wire)

  • Packing tape


  1. Pull down the bottom of the hanger until you make the triangle section into a circle. It should now look like a circle with a hook at the top of it.

  2. Bend the eucalyptus branches so that they create a natural arch.

  3. Make a cluster of eucalyptus branches and adhere them together. You can use the floral wire. I started off adhering them together with packing tape and then used the wire with a couple of the last branches to cover up the tape.

  4. Use floral wire to adhere each of the branches to the circular clothes hanger. Use the same wire to adhere each of the flower buds on top of the branches.

  5. Hang your wreath from the hook of the hanger and enjoy!