Wedding Planning Organization

Let’s combine two of my favorite things--wedding planning and organization! There are a ton of moving pieces and even more details to deal with while planning a wedding. The more organized that you are throughout the process, the less stressed you will be. There are lots of ways to organize your wedding related tasks, you just have to find the right ones for you. Here is what has worked for me thus far!

      You might think that you don’t need an “old school,” planner. That is only because you haven’t seen the best planner ever yet. I received this planner as a gift and was blown away. Not only are the Erin Condren life planners so detailed, but they are gorgeous too. My friend was able to customize the covers, stickers and so much more. The planner includes calendars, suggested timelines, to do lists, and a chart for bridal party sizes and contact information. My favorite part is the stickers that say things such as, “Bridal Shower.” This serves as the perfect notebook to take to vendor meetings.

    You're going to want to have a binder to organize all of the contracts, samples, and fabric swatches that you will collect throughout the wedding planning journey. Some things just can’t be saved electronically. I recommend getting sheet protectors or folders to put inside of the binder to store samples and swatches in. I think that it is useful to add tabs so that you can have different categories within the binder. However, only the true crazy people will then use a label maker to label those tabs. No comment on whether I used one or not...

An organized bride is a relaxed bride and a relaxed bride has fun throughout her engagement. Happy planning!

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