Faux Eyelashes

When it comes to bumping up my eyelashes, there is nothing that I haven't tried. I am a big fan of "permanent" eyelash extensions look but I have had an allergic reaction to some of the materials that the technicians use to adhere the lashes. I also think that they cause too many of my real eyelashes to fall off. I still want that dramatic look for when I get dressed up so I started using temporary, false eyelashes. They are SO easy to use and don't damage your real eyelashes. Sephora has a huge selection that includes more natural looking lashes as well as lashes with extra flare. I buy mine from the Sephora Collection because they are only $10 for a set. I wear the Astonish Natural Volume pair usually but once in a while I will throw on the Regal Full Volume set for a special occasion. You can reuse the lashes a bunch of times but I only put on the same pair three times before tossing them because I don't want to risk getting any bacteria by my eyes.

Apply your faux lashes with these easy steps:

  1. (Optional): Put on your regular mascara. I do this because I think that it makes your real lashes blend into the extensions better. I let my mascara dry before adhering the fake set.
  2. Remove the lashes carefully from the container.
  3. Brush the edge of the lash with the glue. Wait 20 seconds for the glue to become tacky.
  4. Close your eye and hold the line with the glue as close to your real lash line as possible. Hold it there for approximately one minute or until you are confident that the glue dried.
  5. Enjoy looking fabulous!

To remove the faux lashes (before you remove the rest of your makeup):

  1. Grab one of the corners of the lashes and gently pull towards the other corner. This won't hurt at all!
  2. Peel any remaining glue off of your eyelid and the fake lashes. You can put an oily substance, like liquid makeup remover, onto a Qtip to help remove any excess glue.