New Year Reflections

2016 brought the best week of my life. It included the only moment that I ever cried and laughed simultaneously. That moment was followed by a week on an intense, natural high. One that involved waking up ten times a night just to say "we're engaged" one more time. You know how you can look a friend in the eye and FEEL the genuineness of their happiness for you seep into your pores? If that feeling could be bottled up, I'd beg, borrow and steal for it. I'd mix it with the adrenaline rush that happened after my boyfriend turned into my fiancé and I wouldn't even try to avoid an addiction to it. 

2016 also brought its fair share of obstacles. It brought with it another surgery with (hopefully temporarily) discouraging results. Tough things piled on some of the people closest to me. The thing is, the veins of love run both ways. Our hearts expand tenfold when one of our people are happy but it aches just as quickly when that person is hurting. This year, my back pain dragged up questions about my future, challenged who I am on so many levels, interfered with my social life too many times, and stripped away layers of my armor. I feel weaker and stronger at the same time from it all. 

2016 demonstrated that life can often be an intricate web of "complicated." But, the highs wouldn't feel as high if you didn't know how the dips and drops feel. Light cannot exist as it does without darkness. This year showed me that no life event happens in a vacuum. As desperately as I want to keep the happy moments pure and untouched by anything negative, it's not in my power. There's no church and state. There IS our power to redirect our minds onto the positive when clouds roll in and try to block our sunshine. I promise, there are few things as empowering as being able to move your mind away from those annoying clouds. There is also our ability to recognize and truly appreciate the good moments WHILE they are happening. If you can keep shifting perspective to find the good no matter what, you'll find a way to make it look even better than it used to. It's like how a hot shower always feels good but you appreciate it so much more if you were freezing before getting into it.

I hope that you can close out 2016 by finding peace with the complicated, as complicated as that process in itself may be. I hope that 2017's chapter in your own, unique story fulfills you in whatever way that you both need and want it to. You are worthy of everything good!