Showing Up


This woman, my beautiful mother, showed up at my front door today. She knows that I've been having a little bit of a tough time physically and when you have a hard time physically...well you tend to have a hard time emotionally and mentally. And so, she just showed up. The thing is that she always shows up. She's on this ride with me. Like really, truly, totally committed to being on this ride with me. No matter how bumpy it gets, she locks herself right in. We all have bad days, tough weeks and trying seasons of life but there are angels among us. Ever since my angel of a mother walked out that same door that she showed up at today, it's all I can far showing up for someone can really go. Showing up is 99 percent of it and the foot rubs + snacks are just the other *amazing* 1 percent. I truly am not writing this about me (whose totally fine and been through a bajillion times worse) but about all of us and the influence that we have over one another. So go 'show up' for somebody today (in person, on the phone, via text, through a thoughtful gesture...) because you can be that little angel on someone's 'doorstep' like my mother was today. @rachelellentuck_photography you are an inspiration, an endless gift and my forever angel.