Gift Guide For Every Girl

The Holiday season is upon us! We all need a resource of some 'can't fail' gift items that every gal would like. This is that! These items are safe bets for a home run. The throw is the coziest, warmest and prettiest throw (that I'm sure you've spotted on my couch)! The Silk pillowcase is great for women of all ages because it helps keep your skin younger looking and soft. It also is better for your hair and will help prevent a lot of damage. You can even go to sleep with your hair done and wake up with it looking a lot better than it would if you slept on a regular/peasant pillowcase! I have had mine for a while now and LOVE it. This set comes with a bonus eye mask! I think that everyone should have an essential oil diffuser in their home! It helps me with sleeping but it can be used a million different ways and for a million different reasons. I linked some great 'starter' essential oils to gift along with it. We got my mother in law one for her birthday and she loves it and said that it was such an amazing gift! The parka is one that I have been dying for because its such a great every day coat that won't go out of style. My personal favorite color is the grey! These hair tools are winners...they are the best of the best! The choker is the one that I wear all of the time and I get SO many compliments on it from women of all ages. 

I also included two items that I put on my 'wish list' this year. I have felt this PJ set a billion times in stores and died over it each time. I am a huge fan of soft and cozy loungewear so it's 100 percent confirmed that I, and every girl, need it. The set comes in all different variations for pant lengths, sleeve lengths, and colors. It even comes in a nightgown. I linked them all below! I also included this at home micro needling facial tool on my wish list because I have heard great things about it (from other bloggers) and have read amazing reviews. It's supposed to help with wrinkles, fine lines, and make your skin glow. It's the 'vampire facial' tool but since this one is an at home version, it uses smaller needles and doesn't make your skin bloody. I am dying to get my hands on it!

You can click on the item that you want to shop in the image above and it will bring you right to the link.