Oh, December


Oh December, each year you manage root up so much for me. I flip that page on my calendar and my eyes see little boxes for Hanukkah, Christmas and my birthday. My heart sees something else too. Yes, it's full of that festive, electric spirit in the air. It's also host to the worst memories of my life. On Christmas Day, 5 years ago, Christmas carols were swapped for the sound of screeching tires and sirens. On Christmas Eve I held my (now) niece as we caught snowflakes in our mouths and the following day I laid in the trauma room screaming my lungs out. I could paint you the most vivid picture but I will spare you further details of what it's like to be hit by a car on a highway 😬. I share this because I know that the holidays tend to drudge up a lot of crap for a lot of people. The good times tend to shine a spot light on the bad and the bad tend to shine a spotlight on the good, for better and for worse. I know that for some of you, the longing that you feel for the people missing at your Christmas table could burn a hole in the chairs. I know that others wish that Santa could bring a bill of clean health instead of the presents under the tree. Maybe you are looking for a miracle like the one we celebrate during Hanukkah. Or maybe, like me, it's a subtle reminder of the day that your life changed for forever, how far you've come and how much longer the road is that you have to walk. Whatever it is you might be feeling during this time of year, know that you are not alone and that I am spreading some extra holiday love into your December. #FromCarlysHeart  

Photo by: Rachel Ellentuck Photography