28th Birthday Reflections


You know how Birthdays and New Years tend to make you pause for extra reflection? Well, for me those two events come so close together. It's got me thinking about all that 27 brought. Marrying my 'true north' and celebrating with all of my loved ones and then honeymooning in Tahiti is going to be hard to top! It was my most memorable year to date. It's also got me thinking about how much I thought I was going to accomplish by 28 and have yet to. Truthfully, this is something that I think about a lot, not just today, and not just related to age but that's a tale for a different day. The point is that I GET to start another lap around the sun today. I get to eat dinner at a table with my family and fall asleep in my husband's arms tonight. So all of my aspirations for achievements and dreams for exploration still can reside right here in 28+. I know that they'll just keep changing shape and form and stay along for the long haul. And so I'll just be here basking in all of my gratitude for an incredible 27th year and dreaming up all of the ways to make my 28th another type of amazing. #FromCarlysHeart #Thisis28