Jord Watches

I recently heard about this trend for wood watches. Since then, I've been seeing them everywhere! Jord is a front runner for creating these unique types of watches. My favorite part about their watches is how light they are. It is such a different experience than wearing a heavy, metal watch. The watches are unisex and while I originally got it with the intention of wearing it myself, it actually looks much better on my fiancé! Its the first wardrobe item that we have ever shared (with the exception of me stealing his t-shirts without asking) and it's fun. The dark wood definitely has a more masculine vibe so I think that it gives his look an edgy feel. 

All of Jord's watches are made with high quality wood. It's all super authentic...even the bamboo is from South Asia! I definitely prefer the look of the darker woods more. The watch pictured here is part of the Fieldcrest series. I have it in the Dark Sandalwood color. I like that the wood has some different tones to give it a textured look but not so much that it looks streaky. I wish that there was a choice to get a different color face for the watch because I think that it would look really cool with an emerald green colored face. It came in a really nice wooden box that I am keeping to store little trinkets in. I’m a sucker for a nice presentation! It arrived in a timely fashion, which I guess shouldn’t be a surprise. I am so corny it hurts!

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Please note that this post is sponsored by Jord Watches. All thoughts and opinions are my own.