Wedding Budget Planning Spreadsheet

The Cozy Curator's Wedding Budget Template

Wedding planning is such an exciting process full of so many memorable moments. Getting to call the love of your life your fiancé, deciding where you will say "I do", tasting cakes...these are the moments that we fold up neatly and tuck into our back pockets to pull out during the moments that feel stressful. While many aspects of an engagement are pure magic, it is also jam packed with decisions, especially financial ones. Those decisions will be easier if you create a budget with your fiancé right away. Your budget will serve as a helpful road map that will enable you to make smart decisions throughout the wedding planning process and make your dream wedding come to fruition!

Where do you even start? How do you even know what to include in your budget? What if you forget something? You're in luck because we cut HOURRSSSS out of your wedding planning agenda by creating the ultimate wedding planning spreadsheet. This wedding budget template will be your lifeline throughout the process. The first piece of wedding planning that my fiancé and I did was sit down and map out how we roughly wanted to allot our budget. It was useful for us to have a reference point of how much we could spend on each of the vendors so that we made sure to leave enough funds for the littler things that come later, like the ceremony programs. We also were very paranoid about forgetting something so we did a TON of research. Tax, tips, postage for invites, thank you cards...we included it all! Everything has a "home" in the document. The guest list, addresses, vendor contact information, and much more all reside in this template. 

The Cozy Curator Wedding Planning Template is set up as a Google Sheet so that you and your fiancé can both access it and make edits to it. The "share" feature is so helpful because it allows you to invite people to either view or make edits to your document remotely. Do you want your mom to be able to see the budget breakdown or guest list but not have the ability to make changes on her own? You can invite her to only view it! It is so nice to have all of your wedding planning information organized in one document! By the fourth wedding vendor meeting all of the information will be jumbled in your brain but you will be able to access it in a split second. Best of all, you will be able to access it from any of your devices at any time. Let's be real, we always have our phones nearby so that means that you will always have the information that you need nearby. Trust me, you will be so grateful when you are grocery shopping and suddenly remember that you forgot to add Great Aunt Susie to the guest list! We (and by we I mean my fiancé who schools me in this area of expertise), incorporated tip calculations, tax additions, and other automated formulas that will do things such as adjust the overall cost based on how many guests you input.

 All that you have to do to turn this template into your own personalized resource is follow the instructions on the first page. I created categories and subcategories that I found useful but all of them can be edited and adjusted to your own personalized needs! These will allow you to easily summarize your budget allowances with groupings that make sense. We all have different priorities for spending and those priorities are reflected in these summaries. Each wedding is personalized and different and the beauty of this document is that you can easily make it work for your needs. I hope that this template frees up time for more of the fun aspects of an engagement and helps you produce the wedding of your dreams. Just follow the directions on the first page so that you can create a copy and start making your own personal and private edits. Happy planning!

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