DCL Trial

Anything that claims that it makes a change in ten days is a hoax in my book but I have been getting more and more wrinkles recently. Therefore, I was at least willing to try the #PreenMeVIP program compliments of DCL. Jay and I keep saying that we laugh too much in our house because we both have been getting a lot of laugh lines and wrinkles. Since I'm not willing to change all of the laughter, I thought it can't hurt to try new face products. 

DCL is not the most luxurious feeling products. In fact, the night time booster feels rough and isn't that soft, smooth cream that I am used to. Once it started tingling and burning a little bit, I started to feel optimistic that a change was happening. You need to put on a lot of liquidy products so I don't reccommend trying it if you aren't okay with risky some oils getting in your hair or if you need to immediately put on makeup and go out. Right before bed is great and then you just need to lay on your back for a while. Each morning when I have woken up and washed my face, my skin has felt smoother! It also smells like it does after you're in the sun and your skin gets a little cooked. I guess it is part of the faster "peeling" process and that the turn over in my skin is what is making it feel so soft. It has also made me have a brighter appearance. I think that the glowy look and the soft feel are definitely promising! I am happier with how my skin looks for sure. It hasn't helped with my wrinkles yet but I am definitely going to stick at it and keep trying to use it. I definitely will take a glowy and more radiant face any day of the week! 

I made the #DCLswitch for this sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.