Pineapple Mint Julep

The Kentucky Derby is right around the corner and even though you're probably not going to the event, it can serve as a nice excuse to make a fancy cocktail. As always though, this "fancy" cocktail is a joke to make. It's so easy that I think the horses that are racing could even make it. The only time that I ever went to a Kentucky Derby party was in college at a frat. We all dressed up and they set up a race around the frat and made their pledges act as the horses. It was definitely messed up but the pledges were also loving it and having fun so it wasn't as bad as it sounds like. I mean...they had a bunch of sorority girls riding them (although with clothes on), so things could have been worse! I won one of the rounds although I clearly did nothing but sit my butt on a person-turned horse. I think that a Kentucky Derby themed party is a great idea and I definitely need to do a classier version of the frat party one day. This year I will be traveling so I won't be playing hostess but you can! Even if you're not having a party, it's still fun to make this cocktail to enjoy on a sunny day. Warning: it tastes dangerously the kind of dangerous that will lead you to ride a human being like a horse.

Pineapple Mint Julep Recipe (Yields one serving):


1 shot of bourbon 

2 shots of pineapple juice

10 mint leaves

Ice cubes

Optional: peach or pineapple sliver for garnish


Place ice in your glass 

Pour in the shot of bourbon and then the shot of pineapple juice and stir. 

Take the mint leaves in your hands and rip them into small pieces. Rub the leaves to soften them in the process. This is a makeshift muddling. 

Sprinkle the mint leave tiny pieces into the glass. 

Garnish if you choose to.

Put on your special hat and enjoy your cocktail!