My Bachelorette Party

I can't believe that I just came back from my bachelorette party. In so many ways I feel like I am not old enough for that to be the case. It felt so casual and normal while I was living it but now that I am reflecting back on it, it is very surreal. Most of the girls on the trip were my friends since I was a little kid. I had a couple of friends from my sorority at Penn State attend and it blew my freaking mind when we discussed that I have known them for almost 10 years. I've been through so many things with these girls...I grew up alongside them and experienced so many chapters of my life with them (some of them were there for every single chapter of my life). We laughed just as hard as we did when we were kids (although this time no one peed their pants from all of the giggling). These girls are my sisters..they know every part of me and love me for and in spite of who I truly am. They've been by my side throughout extremely trying times and now were there for me during this happy moment in my life. Let me tell you, it feels so good to be immersed in that kind of love. 

I was involved in selecting the location for my bachelorette party and then the girls made everything else a surprise. My sister/maid of honor did the most incredible job overseeing all of the planning. My best friends since I was 2 years old helped her plan an incredible itinerary. The itinerary was laminated and so organized looking so you know that they really know how to sing the tune of my song. I know that it took a lot of time to plan the weekend and I am so insanely grateful to them. We had a lot of problems finding a date that worked for everyone and ended up picking Memorial Day weekend, which ended up being great because only one person had to take off a day from work. We explored every location under the sun and I ended up selecting Martha's Vineyard because I thought that it would be easier and cheaper to get to since its close to the NYC area. Boy was I wrong about that one! 

Thursday night my friend from Philly came to sleep over and it felt like the kickoff because she is just SO fun to be around. We took the ferry into Manhattan then an Uber to Penn Station to meet the other girls. I don't know what hell actually looks like but I imagine that it is something like what Penn Station's Amtrak section is like on the Friday of the first holiday weekend of the summer. We fought our way onto that train with all of our might and ended up walking the entire train until we finally found random seats in the quiet car. As you can imagine, it was difficult for a group of girls to get together and then immediately have to remain silent for hours but we did it and only got yelled at once for whispers. The highlight was a perfectly curated snack bag by one of my best friends. She packed tons of organic, childish snacks that made the ride much more enjoyable.


We then took cabs to the ferry station and took an hour and forty minute ferry to Martha's Vineyard. By this point I was already in so much pain from the train ride (note to self that trains and back injuries do NOT go well together). We were so happy to finally be on the ferry and able to talk to one another. Then, things quickly went South. We all started to feel sick from the rocky waves. Before you knew it, we were all so sick that we couldn't speak or function. I remember just staring at my sister and wanting to help her so badly but I couldn't even open my mouth to speak. Each of us was worst than the next. We ended up somehow moving ourselves up to the top deck and things gradually started to improve. We found a life coach (aka random guy who I asked to tell us stories and we named our life coach). Our life coach also taught us ways to recover from our sea sickness. I continued to feel like I was intensely rocking from side to side for the rest of the night but the nausea went away towards the end of the ride, which I was very grateful for. We learned the most crucial lesson that no mater how cold or rainy it is on the top deck, it is always worth it. Even if it is hailing or flying dinosaurs are coming down from the sky, get your butt to the top deck. Here we are with our barf bags and our life coach after our sea sickness subsided. 

We stayed at such a cute hotel in Oaks Bluff called Summer Camp. The hotel is supposed to give the feel of being at Summer Camp as an adult. It had really fun, bright decor, swinging chairs, a canteen that you could get snacks and drinks at, and much more. It was also located downtown in Oaks Bluff, which was so convenient for walking places (i.e. for ice cream too many times). It was located right on the water. There isn't a beach along the water in the section that we were in but it served as a little marina for boats, which was so pretty.

The first night we walked to dinner at 20bynine. The food was good and they made cool whiskey drinks. I ended up leaving dinner early to get a massage in my hotel room because my back was hurting a lot. It's questionable still if my friends were tricking me by sending a massage therapist who specialized in happy endings due to his handsy approach but I did nottttt let it head in that direction haha. It was a rough night for me filled with lots of tears in pain to the point that I needed to be alone. I couldn't decide if it was worse to feel depressed in a room alone knowing that my friends were all together having fun or to have everyone see just how poorly I was doing. I used up all of the smiling and "putting on a brave face" that I could already and didn't want them to see me unhappy when they were doing so much to be there for my bachelorette weekend. I essentially sang "the sun will come out tomorrow" in my head over and over again and it did. The metaphorical and literal sun came out the next day.

We were supposed to go to Gay Head Cliffs and to see the lighthouse there but I was hesitant to spend 40 minutes in the car each way right when I was finally feeling better and everyone else was down to avoid the trip. My mom raves about how gorgeous it is there so I wish that we saw it but the traveling was deterring. Instead, we went to breakfast at Linda Jeans. Then, we went into a store and all bought matching sweatshirts because that's just how we roll. My friends used to call me every morning in elementary school to make sure that we matched that day and we like to keep the weirdness going. We walked around to see the Gingerbread houses, which are peoples' real homes. Most of them are cute little cottages in bright colors. As the sun came out more and more, my smile got bigger and bigger! 

We then went to an outdoor bar along the water to chat and soak in the sun. We wanted to go to Nancy's because "everyone" said that we had to but the wait was too long. We ended up at Sand Bar & Grille and had such a great time! It was so nice to see all of the sail boats on the water while the sun was shining. I also did a *completely necessary* outfit change into this cute linen romper. Everything totally flipped around from where we were "at" 24 hours prior!

That night, we went to dinner at The Sweet Life. My sister got me a little veil and it was surprisingly fun to wear it. The name of the restaurant was fitting because I felt really high on life. Life sure felt sweet! 

We went back to the hotel and the girls decorated one of the rooms for some festivities. They blindfolded me (even though I protested haha) and brought me into the room. They handed me a piece of paper, which I quickly discovered was a penis, and told me to pin it on the poster. I said, "if this is a poster of Jay, it will be the best thing ever." was. I also placed the penis creepily close to the target. Winning "pin the penis on the man" was never a life goal of mine but it quickly became one. I'm ready to participate in that Olympic sport. There was a wide variety of penis shapes and sizes for the game. We laughed so hard watching everyone try their best to hit the target. Mainly, I couldn't stop cracking up at the poster. My mom texted me and said that she saw a picture of the poster and that it was "so accurate." I was like, whoa...down girl hahaha. I do agree though that Jay's muscles in real life are a good match for the muscles in the poster! 

We played the most fun and hilarious game next. They nominated the perfect bridesmaid to create questions to ask Jay. Most of them are related to sex and are highly inappropriate. Only read the questions in the linked PDF below if you do not scare easily! After I answered each question, they read me Jay's answer to see if we said the same thing. We CRUSHED it, if I do say so myself. I was like "damn, I should be marrying this guy because we are so on track with our answers." Jay and I are both pretty unfiltered so you can only imagine how much was revealed. Of course these are my closest girlfriends so they were far from surprised at most of the answers but there were still some that shocked everyone and made us all hysterically laugh. Jay answered "Brooke's (aka my sister's) bed" to a question about some of the craziest places that we've had sex to mess with her and I'll never forget the look on everyone's faces, except for Brooke's. I think that it is so funny that she knows him well enough to know that he planted that to mess with her. It was the most fun night!

You can purchase the "Same Penis Forever" Banner here. This is the link to where my maid of honor purchased the custom poster from. 

Here is a link to the PDF with all of the questions that they asked us. They sent it to Jay and had him email back his answers. Warning that the content is explicit!

My sister/maid of honor made such fun adult goodie bags aka "swag bags" for everyone. She gave each of us a mini champagne bottle with a custom labels that you can buy here. She put Chapsticks, face masks, face lotion and penis straws into a little pouch that is made for putting suntan lotion inside of your beach bag. It was so thoughtful of her and I am happy to have little souvenirs to take home with me now that it's over. 

The next morning we woke up and went to Mod Spa for massages. The girls arranged for the spa to make us breakfast. They put out a bunch of snacks and set up a little hang out area in the parking lot. They even set up a griddle and made french toast! The girls really mastered combining two of my favorite activities: eating and getting a massage! We followed that up with walking along the water and getting lunch. Most people got lobster rolls from Lookout Tavern, which they loved.

We went back to the hotel early to get ready (3 showers between 13 girls is never enough haha). Since we hadn't gotten the chance to spend time in Edgartown yet, we wanted to make sure that we got to explore it so we went an hour and a half before our reservation. 

We first went for a drink at Atlantic Fish and Chop House and sat outside because it had the cutest couches on a deck. It was right on the water with a beautiful view but it was freezing and we were all in little dresses. The waiter was our hero when he brought out fuzzy blankets. He also let us shamelessly hit on him even though he was only 18 (but looked 28 in our defense). We then popped in a couple of shops in town. The shops had the prettiest things ever but they were steeply priced. I'm glad I got to check a couple of them out because I feel like they are a part of the "culture" (stretch of a word but you know what I mean) in Martha's Vineyard. We went to Alchemy for dinner that night and while all of our meals were amazing, this one was probably my favorite. After dinner, the MVPs aka Brooke and Gina, waited in an insanely long line for epic doughnuts from Back Door Doughnuts. This is a late night doughnut shop that has such a long line that there is a bouncer out there! When we saw the line the one night, I knew that it must be as good as everyone had told me that it is. Still, I am more of a buttercream icing on a doughnut kind of gal so I didn't think that the famous apple fritter would really be "my thing." Damn, was I wrong because it changed. my. life. The trek to Martha's Vineyard was worth it just for this doughnut. I stupidly ate ice cream right before this, which was a rookie move. I managed to fight through the fullness and ate tons of apple fritter. Just to think that I never would have experienced it if those two girls didn't take one for the team and wait in line! 

Thank you to my incredible friends for making me feel so loved. I am so grateful that each of you took the *intense* journey to go to Martha's Vineyard. I loved exploring a new place along side each of you. I was in such a beautiful location with some of the most beautiful girls (inside and out) and that makes me pretty damn lucky. Each of these moments will be stored in one of the most special vaults of my memory bank. Thank you for being understanding of my limits and for finding ways to make the weekend so fun within them. Thank you for all of the time, energy, and money that you spent to make this weekend so special. It felt so good to laugh so frequently and so hard with you guys. Mainly, thanks for being my best friends. I love each of you so much. You are 13 of the reasons that I consider myself to be a very fortunate girl. My sister has always held the title of my best friend but now she is wearing another hat as she plays the role of my maid of honor. Might I say that she crushes the role! All of you girls know me so well and therefore created the most seamless plan for the weekend. I am eternally grateful! Also, thank you to Jay for making me a bride because its definitely a nice bonus perk in the "real deal" of getting to marry my soul mate. 


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