Life Lately

Hi friends! I thought it was time to stop and smell the roses and give you an update of life as of late! I am finally on the upswing after 2 surgeries within two months and it feels good to say goodbye to a lot of that post operative pain. I have learned in recoveries that patience is a necessity but this time I don't have time to be patient so I have been extra antsy about it moving along. I am still experiencing some post op pain and issues (in addition to my baseline pain) and as each week ticks on, I become less patient with it. I head to Hospital for Special Surgery this Friday so we will see what the doctor says about all of it. My wedding events are rapidly approaching and I need it all to move faster so that I can enjoy them all as much as possible! My bachelorette party is MDW aka in a few weeks and my shower is a couple of weeks after that and then my wedding is a month after that! Crazy! 

People say that they couldn't wait for wedding planning to be over and maybe I'm a weirdo but I feel the total opposite. I think that a big factor in this is that I am racing to get pain relief and cramming three surgeries into my engagement and as the clock keeps ticking, my anxiety builds. I also really like being engaged...I think it's romantic. My friends were saying that they hate saying fiancé but I love it because I think that it is the appropriate representation of how old I feel. I felt like when I referred to Jay as my boyfriend in the past, it didn't do our relationship justice. I felt like giving everyone a story to go along with it like "my boyfriend...who I live with...who I am going to be with for the rest of my life." Saying fiancé clearly states that you're going to be together forever but saying husband makes me feel old! I like being engaged also because it means that the excitement of the wedding is on the horizon. We already live together and act like we are married so the wedding will definitely be the biggest "change" in our day to day lives. I know that it comes and goes in a blink of an eye and I just don't want it the party to end (literally).

I'm also good at wedding planning and don't let it stress me out so I think that is also what makes me want it to keep going. Obviously I spent way more time doing the "business" aspect of it than I do the fun and creative parts of it, but I enjoy the creative parts enough to compensate for the annoying tasks. The only things that have really stressed me out that I have hated (besides anxiety about my pain for the events), are "political" situations. Basically things that involve anyone besides Jay and myself I don't really enjoy. I am innately a people pleaser and I just desperately want every person to be happy and its just impossible to please that many people at the same time. There's also this fine line of kind of bending over to keep someone else happy and standing up for what you want for your wedding. The both of us have definitely focused too much of a emphasis on making other people happy over ourselves in multiple scenarios and I don't know if we really made the right calls but at least hopefully people will walk away from all of this with positive feelings. I feel like you ask a lot of other people when you involve them in your wedding and therefore I just want them to be happy and feel good about all of it but I think I kind of set myself up for failure in that no matter how hard you try, there will always be someone that isn't happy. I guess that holds true for in life as well but I still am never going to stop trying to put smiles on the people's faces around me.

The creative parts have been so fun..I thrive making creative decisions! I love having an idea in my head and then watching it come to was so rewarding when our home came together how I envisioned that it would. Obviously, you have to make a lot of concessions along the way and get the option that is closest to the vision that you have due to price and availability but you adjust along the way. I know that it will be so rewarding to watch it all come to life. I have always been obsessed with weddings. After all, they combine two of my favorite things: love and decor! 

Last weekend I went to the Charleston area for my friend's bachelorette party. It was so nice to get to spend quality time with my girlfriends. The bride was one of my sorority sisters from when I went to Penn State. It felt like we were in college again as we did our makeup together and hung around talking about random stuff. Its so different than the usual time that we spend together for a couple of hours at a dinner so it was so nice. I missed a lot of the events due to my pain but the weather was great so it was nice to be in the sun with my girls. We rented a house in Isle of Palms and did yoga at the house one morning and laid out at the pool there. I didn't think that it was a good idea for my back to go on the booze cruise that they planned so I went into Charleston for an hour to wander around a little. I had been there one other time for a day trip and it is just so insanely charming. It has a slow paced chill feel while still having the upbeat energy of a city. It is definitely a food city and I didn't get to eat much there so I definitely need to go back and check some more things off my list. All of the houses are so cute and so many have the most beautiful iron fences. I saw the prettiest window boxes and so much gorgeous Jasmine. It is such a sweet city. I was hurting too much to go out at night but my friends had a great time at the various bars and clubs there so it definitely gets pretty rowdy at night too. My friends saw tons of bachelorette and bachelor parties and I can see why its a popular destination. The bride had the best time and that makes me happy! Now I just have to save up for one of those adorable pink houses! 

Tomorrow night I am going to do my first bridal beauty appointment and getting a facial with my best friend. She is also engaged and getting married this summer and I'm so glad that we're doing something to enjoy this time in our lives together. It has been such a huge dream come true to be engaged at the same time as her. We share everything about wedding planning with one another..well everything in general is a better way to put it! I try to not talk about the wedding to anyone else (with the exception of our moms) unless I am asked a direct question as to not annoy anyone so its really nice to get to share things with her without the risk of "talking about my wedding too much." I had the best time showering her with so much love at her bridal shower the other weekend. It was beautiful and honestly really emotional because this thing that we had talked and thought about so much came to life. She also looked insanely beautiful, which just topped it all off. 

I hope that you have a lovely week!! XOXO