Hellloooo there summer months! You're so gorgeous and I'm so excited to see you!!

I am not entirely sure how or why rosé became popular and trendy a couple of years ago. Unlike LFO in the 90s, rosé seems like it's here for more than a hot second. And sooo, rosé season is now among us. This rosé is actually named Summer Water, which I think is way too perfect. On a hot day there is no better way to cool off and "hydrate" than with a frosé. I thought about making frosé a couple of times last year but never did because I figured it'd be a pain. Sometimes making iced drinks requires you to put a lot of muscle into it. I was shocked at how easy this was when I just made it. The rosé must not be able to completely freeze since it has alcohol because when I removed it from the freezer it was so easy to break and put into the blender. Try the recipe below with Summer Water from Winc. 

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Frosé Recipe:


1 (750ml) bottle of Summer Water

1/2 cup of italian lemon soda (I got mine at Whole Foods)


Pour the Summer Water into a Pyrex and place it in the freezer overnight. (Tip: I used two small Pyrex containers with lids so that they would fit in the freezer but you can also use ice cube trays). 

Break up the frozen rosé with a spoon. Take the pieces and place them in a blender. Add the soda and combine. Pour into glasses and enjoy!