The Comfiest Summer Dress

Summer is my favorite season by the longest shot. It's also my favorite season to dress for. I know that this blog is called the Cozy Curator and that makes you think of winter but for me coziness is something that goes on all year. I started this space with the intention of spreading that cozy feeling..the kind that you get when talking to your best friend, let's say. I've also taken the liberty of forcing you into becoming my friend. I'm that annoying person that will go up to all of my friends and make them touch this dress to prove how soft it is. Let's just say that I get super passionate about the things that I stand behind and love (another reason why I created this blog)! My sister makes fun of me when we go shopping because I have to touch every piece of clothing to see if it passes the coziness test. Since you guys can't touch the fabric through the screen (when are they going to come out with that feature?!) you will have to just take my word for it. Obviously sweatpants and Jay's t-shirt are my favorite cozy wear but those are reserved for days that I am feeling down. It's like the chicken or the egg scenario with clothes because we want to just be comfy when we don't feel "great" and then when we dress slobby we don't feel good about ourselves. I was always the weirdo that dressed up to take a test because I felt like it make me confident and perform at my best. Luckily, summer sundresses allow us to combine looking good and feeling comfortable. This dress is going to be worn weekly this summer. Seriously, its my go-to day to day piece right now. It is the softest thing ever. It is so light feeling and isn't too tight. It's that perfect amount of tight that allows you to get away with not wearing a bra if you're just sticking close to home but is stretchy enough to be super comfortable. It also has that skater skirt that allows more room for the bloat that follows crushing pizza. Now go get cozy-ready for summer and eat that pizza that I was talking about once you get it! 

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