My Pennsylvania Bridal Shower


I really really love my future mother in law A LOT. Seriously...I'm not just saying that because she can read this haha. She is a warm and sweet person....she is easy going and easy to get along with. From as long as Jay can remember, it was just him and his mom in his house so they are very close. I recognized the importance of that bond from the start and have jumped on the bandwagon to form my own close relationship with her while still trying to let them have their own. We have a very close friendship as well as a mother/daughter like relationship. Jay's sister is 10 years older than him so their relationship has always been somewhere in between siblings and mother/son. I became very close with her and her daughter almost immediately! She's felt like my sister for many many years now so I am glad that she is about to officially become that. Our niece is someone that I adore. We have always been besties and attached at the hip when we are together. Jay and I started seeing each other right after she was born so her growth is the visual representation of our relationship's longevity. The three of these women, along with my future MIL's best friend (who is the sweetest person), threw me SUCH a beautiful shower in Jay's home town.

The shower left me feeling adored by these women. I could see right in front of my eyes that they know me, they love me, and they want me to be happy. Jay's mom and her bestie arranged stunning flower arrangements that are just up my alley (hellloooo white peonies). They set up the girliest tablescapes outside that made it feel like such a elegant yet relaxed affair (a combo that I love). Jay's mom and her friend made all of the food and it was all SO thought out and so adorable. When I saw that each item was vegetarian my eyes watered up. It was such a thoughtful gesture that really threw me back for a moment. Jay's sister brought the favors that were so me its not even funny. I'm pretty sure she went on Pinterest and typed in "cozy curator bridal shower favors" because they are just ridiculously on point. These little touches were demonstrations of love in my eyes and they are ones that I will never forget.

The shower was also perfect because it allowed all of Jay's mom's friends to attend without having to travel three hours to my moms shower. I loved getting to spend time with all of Cindy's friends. They were all so welcoming and fun. They told me fun stories and just really gave off warm energy. I have always been extremely grateful to them all for being great friends to Cindy. The same woman that hosted the shower at her house hosts birthday dinners for her each year...its just those little things that go a long way. Now, I got to experience the kind of women that they are as they treated me so well. A lot of these women were the moms in Jay's playgroup when he was a kid and I learned that Jay is the first play group kid to get married. Considering Jay never brought a girl home to meet his family before me, I'm sure that they were not expecting that he'd be the first to get married!

My mom and sister also joined the party and I am so grateful that they were there. It wouldn't have felt right or as special without them so I am glad that they made the trip. Every bride needs her maid of honor and mother of the bride, no matter how many times said bride insisted that they didn't have to do the drive...once in a while said bride is clearly wrong! My mom is the woman behind Rachel Ellentuck Photography so I am glad that she was there to take all of these photos!