Honeymoon Suitcase

I am crazy excited for my honeymoon! After the wedding, we head to the French Polynesia for 10 days! We leave on Wednesday and fly to LAX. We decided to spend a night in Santa Monica on either leg of the trip in order to break up the travel, which is hard on my back. Then, we go to Moorea for four nights and Bora Bora for six nights. It has been a dream of ours to do this for forever so I am bursting at my seams from excitement that it is actually happening. Since we are obviously planning a wedding right beforehand, I felt like it was important to be prepared well in advance. I used the app M Board to create mood boards of each outfit (like the one featured above with one of my airplane outfits). I know that I am fully crazy but I am also a littttleee bit smart because I was able to get organized well in advance (from my bed).  I like putting together my outfits beforehand so that I don't waste time trying things on while we are away. I ordered us both some clothes at the end of last summer when things were on sale and kept them tucked away in my closet. Every time that either of us bought something (aka when I bought either of us something) that we wanted to bring on the honeymoon, I would take a picture of it and upload it into a shared album in the 'cloud' titled "honeymoon clothes." I am currently mega grateful that I was prepared because it was already enough of a job throwing all of the items into suitcases with everything else that we have going on! I linked everything that we are both taking on the trip...whether it's our outfits, the items in my carryon, the contents of my beach bag, or my cosmetics....it's alllll here. If you've been to The French Polynesia and have any tips/tricks for us, please leave them in the comments below! 

My Outfits

My Groom's Suitcase

In My Carryon

In My Cosmetic Bag

In My Beach Bag