Creating a Wedding Website

I knew that I wanted our wedding to feel very customized and personal. I wanted our guests to look at whatever we put out and think that it screamed us. I thought that it would be a good idea to create a custom wedding website as a part of that mission. It definitely took a lot more time and effort, but I was happy with the end product. I also think that services, such as The Knot, make it easy for engaged couples to put personalized information onto a pretty website in a much easier and quicker fashion. I think that having a website for your wedding is both practical and fun. I bet you that a lot more of our friends went to our wedding website over for the information instead of pulling out our invitation when the weekend got closer. Unfortunately, I will have to shut down our site soon because it costs money to keep it running so I wanted you guys to get the chance to look at it before that happens. Our wedding domaine is

I used Square Space, which is the same platform that I ended up publishing this blog to (afterwards). They have clean palettes and helpful customer service who chat with you online. I chatted with them many times in the launch of both of these sites and learned a lot from the tutorial videos that they would send me in the process. 

There are a few crucial components of a wedding website. I love wedding websites that include these 

1. Your "Story": This is a good time to include some personal information about the two of you. Include part of the tale of your love. What brought you to the moment of creating this site? There are a lot of logistics and dry facts included on wedding websites so its nice to have a page that is more personal. 

2. When & Where: You need to include the logistics for the wedding weekend. Where will the wedding be held? Will you be providing any transportation? Are there room blocks at any hotels? What is date and time for the wedding? Are there any other wedding events that guests are invited to that weekend? This is also a good space to include recommendations for any local restaurants or sites that you think out of town guests may find useful. 

3. Registry: It's a good idea to include links to all of your registries on your wedding website. My mom & bridesmaids put the link for our wedding website on my bridal shower invitation, which was awesome because all of the registries were in one place. It's also the only place that you can really include a honeymoon registry, which we had. 

4. Bridal Party: While this page isn't crucial, I think that it's fun. I also think that it provides a nice space for your bridesmaids and groomsmen to get a little bit of recognition that they deserve. They put in time and money to be a part of your bridal party so its fun to showcase their pretty faces. 

Our Wedding Website URL