Bora Bora Boat Tour & Video


Some of my bridesmaids got us the AWESOME gift of a photography session. We used this on our boat tour in Bora Bora. I'm so glad that we have pictures from this extremely memorable day. The downside of doing photos on a boat is that your hair is never going to look good! The upside is that we got to just soak in the beauty around us without worrying about capturing it on camera. The best part of all was that we got photos of our snorkeling experience without having to worry about taking them ourselves. We were already focusing on breathing, moving, not hitting coral, and most importantly LIVING IN THE MOMENT, so it was awesome that we had someone else capturing it. 


We had issues going on our boat tour because it kept raining right when we were supposed to leave. Bora Bora obviously has a tropical climate so it would pour for a little while but it would usually end after a half hour or hour. This happened almost every day. The water was typically really flat so I wasn't too too worried about my back on the boat, especially since it was a private tour so we could go at a slow speed if I asked them to. However, the weather was making the water choppier than usual. Out of fear of it really hurting my back, we rescheduled the ride. It ended up being fine when we went and on the way to the coral reef, it wasn't bad on my back. However, on the way back, we must have been going straight on into any choppiness and it wrecked my back.

I told the guy that I was done taking photos and that I just had to lay flat and that Jay could take on the job solo. He was cracking up and the whole scene was hilarious. Watching Jay modeling in the water, flexing his muscles, and being shot by a photographer looked like one of the "behind the scenes" videos from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.


It was incredible to see all of the different parts of the motu and the main island. I loved getting to see Mount Otemanu from different angles. The different perspectives were so cool! It was also so crazy to see how frequently the color of the water changed depending on where we were and how deep the water was. The boat tour alone was my favorite "thing" that we did and that was before the snorkeling...

So I have a fear of many sea animals. I don't feel "one" with them, even though I REALLY want to. I was especially afraid of the eels that live in the coral. A few locals told us that you can't make them angry or they will "get you." I asked our tour guide in Moorea if I should be afraid of them if I am not going to purposely annoy them and he responded with, "well I am not afraid because I was raised here and I learned how to protect myself from them my whole life." Thanks dude! Needless to say, I was wary about snorkeling in a freaking coral reef. I bit the bullet and did it anyways because I knew that it was a once in a lifetime experience in one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world. 


I jumped in the water with my heart pounding in my chest and my Darth Vader mask on my face. I peaked down into the water and saw swarmmmmsssss of fish. I grabbed onto Jay's arm and he guided me the whole time. I don't even know if I actually swam at all of if he just pulled me along with him because I don't think that I could actually focus on moving my body! I felt better when I was close to him, hence my tight grip on his arm in the photos haha. 

I am extremely proud of myself because I was able to redirect my brain away from the fear and into enjoyment. That's a wide bridge to cross in such a short period of time. I felt on the verge of a panic attack when we got in the water, my body was freaking out. I felt like every time I looked at how close so many fish were to me (they were touching me at various points), I felt flipped out. Once I would stare far away and take in the entire scene, I was able to appreciate the beauty. Like really appreciate it.


It truly felt like I was in some crazy Imax 3D ride except it was real life. I couldn't get over that. I kept just thinking to myself, "this is REAL." I saw the most beautiful, bright colored fish. We saw the most INSANE oysters that were literally glowing in electric colors and opening and closing. I seriously felt like I was hallucinating because it was the trippiest thing I've ever seen. We got SO close to the coral and got to see just how vast and intricate it is. I ended up being blown away by the entire experience. It was one of the coolest and most surreal things that I've ever done in my life. I will never forget a second of it. It felt like an out of body experience in a whole world that I didn't even knew existed (to that extreme). Jay has been scuba diving at one of the biggest reefs and he said that we saw WAY more fish and way cooler fish snorkeling here. Seriously, I am obsessed with the entire experience and I can't believe that I didn't want to do it. I feel like a snorkeling junky (is that even a thing since its pretty low on the adrenaline scale haha?!). 

It was the perfect finale to a perfect trip. Being on the other side of the world made me think about how large this world is and how different it all is. The beauty of it is enormous. Seeing the "whole new world" under the water made me feel like I bursted into a new land of discovery. If I did that without Jay, all I would have been thinking about was how I wished he was there. It feels so much more profound and enjoyable to be able to see a new sliver of this Earth and live a 'once in a lifetime' experience when it is alongside my HUSBAND. 

Cozy Curator Honeymoon Video

I created this video of our honeymoon and it is now one of my most precious "possessions." It serves as this instant time machine to the greatest moments of my life. I included the link for the video below and I hope that you guys like it! 

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