The White Box


I found The White Box on Instagram and was intrigued by their business. I ended up getting the opportunity to speak with the founders of the company on multiple occasions. I loved learning about their business model and dreams. Basically, The White Box is a wedding planning service for people who either can't afford a full time wedding planner or don't want one. They work remotely with you on your wedding. They help you lock down a 'wedding brand', point you in the direction of next steps, connect you with vendors, and generally help guide you along the wedding planning journey. Unfortunately, I discovered this service after I already did the majority of my planning. Still, they helped me get the linens that I ordered at a discount because of their connection with La Tavola. They have connections with lots of companies to help brides and grooms get the best rates! They also sent me this pretty mock up box to demonstrate to you guys what it would be like if you worked with them from the start! The owners are SO sweet and are definitely a pleasure to work with. If you're interested, head over to their website and take a look! 

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