Excerpt From Our Wedding Ceremony


On my husband's 28th birthday, I to share an 'excerpt' from our wedding ceremony in which our officiant (my beautiful sister in law) read a paraphrased version of what Jay and I each shared with her about the things that we love about each other and our partnership. We never saw/heard what each other said until the ceremony and so I think Jay's last line here is hilarious.

From Carly, on her groom...
I love how thoughtful he is. He really takes his time to think things through, especially when it invokes someone that he cares about. 

I love how funny he is. I am guaranteed to laugh every single day that I am with him. 

I love his eyes. They're like the most beautiful blue ocean that I could get lost in. More so than that, they really SEE me.

I love how affectionate he is.

I love how he is so committed to bettering himself in every realm of his life. He doesn't just want it though, he actively goes out and works on things. 

He is so freaking smart. 

I love how he is the definition of a true partner. He will jump up to take the heavy load off my shoulders and then all of the problems in this crazy world instantly feel lighter to carry around.

I love how chill he is. 

I love how he embraced my family and friends as if they are his own. 

I love his sense of self.

I love the fact that I KNOW that he is going to be the most incredible father. 

I love how he's such an incredible listener. No one has ever listened more intently to what I have to say. I can feel him hanging on my every word and processing everything that I say and it's the most validating feeling on the planet. Just to KNOW that someone cares that much about how I feel and what I say makes whatever I'm talking about feel better.

From Jay, on his bride...

She’s my dream girl. She is a Jill-of-all-trades. She is well rounded in so many ways. She will be the ultimate wife and most loving and nurturing mother. She knows how to make a house a home.

She is incredibly smart and can do anything she sets her mind to.

She is the most emotionally intelligent person that I have ever met. She has taught me so much about empathy, differentiating my emotions, and properly channeling them to not only achieve my individual goals but more importantly our goals as a team.

I love her optimism and positivity despite all of the hardships that she has endured.

I love her beautiful smile.

I love when she laughs even more. Her giggle is my favorite sound in the world and it makes me smile every time I hear it.

I love her curiosity about life and the people in it. She seeks to truly understand others.

She is generous and selfless. She is thoughtful and thinks about how to make others happy. She will consistently put the needs of others before her own.

She is genuinely kind to the bottom of her heart.

I still get butterflies when I see her name pop up on my phone. I love talking to her.

She is the most beautiful woman in the world. I love her skin and her perfect body. Her skin is electric yet comforting.

I love how she smells.

I love how she loves love. I love how she loves me. 

I love her passion and enthusiasm.

I love all of her quirks. Like how she has to eat her cupcakes with the wooden forks.

She is the best communicator.

She is hilarious.

She is confident in who she is as a person and the beliefs that guide her.

In my pursuit of her, I once said that one of the things that I liked most about her was how strong she is as a person. She has proven that over and over again, more than any person should ever have to. It’s one of the reasons that I know I will be able to lean on her for the rest of my life.


From Carly, on their relationship...
I love how I can know what he's thinking and how funny it is when I call him out on it. I read him like my favorite book.

I love how we have the same idea of fun and have so much of it. We don't have to negotiate what we do together because we both enjoy the same things. We can also be doing nothing together and have the best time.

I love how have complete and utter trust in one other. It makes our home a peaceful place to live.

My heart circles him. Somehow whatever I do or think comes right back to him and my love for him. He's the center of my universe.

I love how we share the same morals, values and goals for our future.

We both are dedicated to living with intention and fighting for a happy marriage.

I love how easily I get lost in him...the kind of lost that feels like being found. He's an escape from reality and yet a part of my every day truth.

From Jay, on their relationship... 

I love that we know the other person just as well, if not better, than ourselves. We can read how each other is feeling or what the other is thinking without saying a word.

I love our connection and need to be with each other as much as physically possible. I wish I could share every experience with her. 

I love how we have the same, slightly inappropriate, immature and sarcastic sense of humor and make each other laugh constantly.

I love how we elevate each other. We teach each other new things. We build each other up, support each other, and help the other person with new ideas and advice.

I love how we balance each other out. She brings me a sense of urgency while I relax her anxieties.

We fully and completely trust each other.

We share the same goals and visions of our futures and work towards them as a team.

We both value our families and we both want to grow a family of our own.

I love how we probably said very similar things.