Clean Eating Resumes


Well, the holiday eating was fun (and delicious) while it lasted but my body is ready to get back on track. I feel sluggish, I've gained weight (you know when your body doesn't feel like yours?!...that's how I feel right now), my skin has been breaking out, and my achiness has increased. I definitely FEEL better when I eat cleaner. I also really love food and enjoy going out to great restaurants and trying pasta or ordering in Pizza on a Friday night. My "baseline" is a pretty clean eating routine during the weekdays and then splurging on the weekends. I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian all days of the week (and have been for 18 years). I have had so many plans and fun things going on all of December but like many of us, it means that I fell off of my normal eating routines and am paying the price. I've also eaten wayyyyyy too many sweets and treats. I've stretched my stomach out by eating bigger portions that I'm used to as well and need to get back to human size portions haha.

In order to get back to my homeostasis, I'm going to draw some harder lines in the sand for a month or two and eat plant based during the week days. I'm not a super extreme person. I do well with balance. I also can't drink alcohol medically and definitely find that my weekend is celebrated with some good food. Therefore, I'm only going to stick to these guidelines during the weekdays (Friday night not included). I'm not going to go insane on the weekends and act like an animal. I like the way that my body feels and how my energy levels are when I eat cleaner (especially because I never starve myself IN THE LEAST and am always fueling with good food) so I find that I don't WANT to pig out the entire weekend anyways. I definitely love my special weekend dinners and stuff though so they're staying. Here's my GP...

-I'm going to eat vegan during the week (I hardly cook/eat home with much dairy...the only thing I really use is cheese for dinners, which is always hard for me to cut out).

-I'm going to eat gluten free during the week. We also don't eat much gluten at home just because it coincides with clean eating. Don't get me wrong I love me some gluten and don't ever plan on fully giving it up. 

-I'm going to cut out refined sugars during the week EXCEPT for nuts and legumes. I need these things for protein as a vegetarian and I'm totally fine with them staying put! I'm trying to cleanse out the sugar in the 25905 sugar cookies that I ate, not eliminate foods that contribute great nutrients to my diet! 

I meal plan in advance (it has its pros and cons), so I figured that I would share my meal ideas and grocery list in case you want to join me with any of this! I am by no means an expert at all. I'm just a gal who loves food and wants to feel healthy and like myself again. I also feel like I share a lot of treats and cocktails on here because I think that they're FUN (and easy to photograph during the day/not during dinner time) but the reality is that I'm making this stuff way more than that stuff. If you guys like this, please let me know and I'll post more. I can also post all of these recipes after I actually make them/test them out/find out if some ideas I had are even good. I'm big on trying to repurpose things from one dinner to the next night's dinner, so I'm happy to share any ideas for that as well!

WEEKDAY MEAL PLAN (Week of 1/2/18)


Plant based protein drink  (Evolve)


Leftovers from previous night's dinner  


Tuesday: Buddha bowls-Roasted sweet potatoes, cauliflower, brocolli and garbanzo beans (all tossed in avocado oil & seasoned with chili powder & cayenne pepper) over kale with a chipotle aioli **(I am going to make enough aioli for Wednesday's dinner as well).

Wednesday: Stuffed Zucchini boats-Lentil taco "meat," black beans and yellow onion stuffed in a zucchini "boat" and topped with the leftover chipotle aioli **(I am going to make enough lentils for Thursday's dinner as well).

Thursday: Lentil "meatballs" with homemade marinara on spaghetti squash with a side on steamed brocolli. 


For Snacking:

Berries-Blueberries, strawberries  


Whole carrots 

Sweet potatoes  


Unsweetened coconut flakes  

Unsweetened peanut butter  

Whole, roasted, unsalted cashews  


Lemons (for hot water drink)

Fresh Ginger  (for hot water drink)

Apple cider vinegar (for hot water drink) 

La Croix sparkling water

Green tea bags  

EVOLVE plant based protein drinks (I like the Chocolate)

Coffee pods  

Unsweetened almond milk

Unsweetened cashew milk  (For Jay's coffee)

For Dinners/Lunches: 



Yellow Onion


Spaghetti squash 


Minced garlic  

Olive oil  

Avocado oil spray 

Coconut oil spray  

Gluten free tamari 

Flax egg substitute  

Pure maple syrup  

Chia seeds 

Kidney beans  

Black beans  

Garbanzo Beans  

Green lentils

Canned, unsweetened whole tomatoes  

Chipotle peppers 

Rolled oats  

Cayenne pepper

Chili powder  



Red pepper flakes  

Dried oregeno

Dried basil