Reflecting on 2018


When the calendar struck 2017, this cozy, little space on the web was born. I've loved curating alongside you guys! When the ground was covered white with snow, I went under the knife to remove a failed surgical implant. I mourned the loss of a "fix" I so desperately sought. When the spring flowers bloomed, I got showered as a bride by the women I most admire. I went to Martha's Vineyard with my best friends for a laid-back 'girl's weekend' bachelorette party. As the temperatures rose, my speed in the great race against pain picked up. I worked like a mad woman to get into the OR a couple more times before my big day and found a portion of sought after relief. As the summer sun blared, I walked towards my groom and cried the HAPPIEST tears with him, in his arms, while smiling the biggest smile I've ever smiled. His face on our wedding day is forever burned in my mind as THE image of this year. As the dune grass danced along the bay, I danced with my favorite people that night. I basked in that summer sun with my hand in my husband's and my feet on a little deck that jut out over crystal clear Bora Bora water. The leaves changed color and so did my medical plan. I spent a good portion of the fall feeling ill as I started a new medicine. And as winter solstice came, my sickness (coincidentally) began to subside and I got to enjoy some of the festive parts of the holiday season. 2017, thank you for all of the INCREDIBLE gifts that you gave me. You gifted me a husband (the greatest one). You gave me the wedding OF MY DREAMS. You brought my biggest fantasy of honeymooning in Tahitian paradise with Jay to fruition. You brought the HIGHEST HIGHS that majorly overshadowed any lows. You made me feel 2,017 kinds of lucky. I WILL NEVER, EVER FORGET YOU! #FromCarlysHeart #HappyNewYear #NewYear