Ruffle Tops & PUPPY!


In case you missed my million Insta-Stories (can you blame me?!), my parents got a puppy! His name is Rocky and he's a Cavapoo (mixture of Cavalier King Charles and Poodle). Rocky is 8 weeks old and weighs 4 pounds (he will weigh between 10-15 pounds when he's full grown). He's SO cute its absurd. He's either being a total maniac and mega playful or passed the f-out from total puppy exhaustion. I love both of his moods! I wish that I could take him home with me during the evening hours when he's exhausted and wants to just sleep on my chest while I watch TV. Then, I'd like to give him back during the middle of the night when he's waking up multiple times haha.

He is a MAJOR mama's boy! It's so crazy that he just KNOWS my mom is his mom, even though my sister and I have been around almost the whole time that he's been here (and my dad in the evenings). He flips out crying when she leaves the room and it's so sad but also so sweet that he imprinted on his mama and just knows that she's his. He will only sleep if he has a direct view of my mom's head from his crate at night. He really just can't get close enough to her, he literally climbs all over her. If she is emptying the dishwasher, he is rightttt at her foot. The crying when she leaves the room is both relentless and sad though!


Jay and I talked A LOT over the years about getting a puppy and thought that we were going to get one right after we got married. We ultimately decided not to in order to hold onto the freedom that we have during these years before having kids. We want the freedom to travel easily and honestly we were stressed about the amount of money that a dog would cost. We would rather put all of the money that we can towards traveling right now and enjoying being young and "free." I know that we will definitely get a dog at some point down the line but it's been hard for me to have the self control to not get one now.

All that goes to say that I feel REALLY lucky that I get to be around a puppy and have a puppy join my family without all of the work and financial responsibility! Of course I now have a problem because I want to be around him all the time. I was supposed to leave my parent's house yesterday to go home and then was too weak to leave! I want him to know who I am and I want to enjoy this time with him while he's SO little because I know that these moments are fleeting. 

Rocky also makes for a great companion in photos! I mean, is there any better accessory?! We both love my new lace blouse. I love the feminine ruffle detail on it. I am not a fan of really intense, huge ruffles but I think that they add a pretty touch to tops when they're done right. I linked a bunch of my favorites below. Just click on an image to shop it.

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