Valentine's Outfits

Whether you need a dress for a fancy date, a cute jumpsuit for a Galentine's party, a sweater for a cozy night in, or looking for a festive shirt to wear to work for Valentine's Day, I've got you covered. I think that Valentine's Day as far as being some crazy romantic holiday is a bit of a scam. That being said, I love being festive for a holiday and Valentine's Day is included in that!

I also will never turn down a date night with my guy so I'm all about going out. In the past we've done dinner the night before or a brunch in order to avoid overpriced prefix menus at restaurants. I've been craving the Cacio E Pepe from Lupa ever since I went a year ago. I feel like I've been chasing the high because I just keep ordering it places and it just hasn't measured up. I called them and they said that they weren't doing a prefix menu so I snagged a reservation and I'm pumped. Hopefully it won't be freezing because I plan on wearing the velvet mini dress featured below. Just click on an image below to shop it!

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