Buddha Bowl Recipe


In an effort to get back into eating more vegetables, I decided to make a Buddha bowl aka what you call a bunch of random stuff in a bowl haha. It was good and so nutritious so I figured I would share. I ate it hot for dinner and then cold for lunch the following day. I love a recipe that is good leftover! 



1 head of cauliflower  

1 head of brocolli  

1 can of garbanzo beans  

1 large sweet potato (or 2 smaller ones)  

3 T cayenne pepper  

3 T chili powder  

2 T paprika for vegetables + 1 t paprika for aioli 

3 T avocado oil for vegetables + 1 t avocado oil for aioli  

3/4 cup raw, unsalted cashews  

1/2 cup hot water  

2 T fresh lemon juice 

1/4 t sea salt

1/2 t maple syrup 


Preheat oven for 375 degrees.  

Wash and massage the kale and then place it into bowls for serving.  

Wash and cut all of the vegetables (slice the sweetness potatoes into little rectangular blocks). Place them in a large ziplock bag with the rinsed garbanzo beans, the 3 T avocado oil and the spices. Shake to combine.  

Lay parchment paper on baking sheets and place in the oven for 50 minutes (turning veggies half way through).  

While the vegetables are roasting, make your aioli sauce. Place the cashews and the hot water in a blender and let them soak for a minute. Then, turn the blender on medium speed so that they combine. Add the avocado oil, paprika, lemon juice, salt and maple syrup and run the blender on medium speed for another couple of minutes.  

Once the vegetables and garbanzo beans are done, place them on top of the kale and then drizzle some aioli sauce on top. Enjoy!