What Motivates Me To Stay Active + Favorite Activewear


Did you guys set any New Year's resolutions for exercise? I think that setting realistic and attainable goals for health and fitness is so admirable. It can totally change your relationship with exercise. Whatever it takes for you to get motivated, do it! Maybe that's some new work out gear (it always does the trick for me). My motivation is found in my past experiences of being restricted from exercising as well as doing anything that I can to get stronger and reduce my pain levels. 

Exercise wasn't on my New Year's goals list because its no longer something that I struggle to get myself to do. Instead, I really struggle when I don't do it. I think that this really happened as a result of being told that I couldn't exercise at all following so so many surgeries. I have spent so much time recovering and having my muscles totally atrophy in the past five years. It totally sucks being told what you can and can't do with your body and feeling so limited (its something that I still struggle with constantly). I have had to work my way back into exercising (all of my exercise is greatly modified, obviously) so many times and it is so hard every time. It scares me into never wanting to take an extended break because I know just how hard it is to gain back what you lose. It takes .05 seconds for me to lose all of the muscle that I've worked hard to build and then forever to gain it back after surgery (which makes sense since I'm literally laying flat on my back but it still seems unfair)! I haven't been in recovery mode with a 'no fly' zone for exercising since May and I've been feeling lucky that I can slowly but surely get stronger and stronger. I guess it really is one of those "absence makes the heart grow fonder" examples because I never truly, truly appreciated being active until I was repeatedly told that I couldn't work out! 

My main motivating factor for exercise is to gain strength that will hopefully reduce my pain levels. I need a super strong core for my back pain and to constantly work on strengthening the ligaments and tendons around my knee. When my body is in pain, it slacks off and other areas compensate for weak muscles. The stronger that I am, the better chance that I have for more "endurance" with my back before it gives out. I work SO hard to strengthen not only my "healthy" areas but my hurt areas as well. It's SO tricky and is such a steep learning curve to find the balance between pushing myself to get stronger and not hurting myself. I take Barre class and have learned a TON of modifications over the years that I am comfortable doing. Still, I hurt myself all the time and will lay there with spasms and nerve "fire works" every time I am there. I call it a win when I don't leave hurting a lot more than when I walked in though (which I have been able to do more successfully as time has gone on and I've learned what pisses my back off in a negative way). None of it deters me though because I am constantly committed to putting myself in the best position that I can to combat some of the pain that I am dealing with!

I learned very quickly that living in a healthy, pain free body is not something that should be taken for granted for even a second. I am grateful for any and every opportunity to use my body in a healthy way and get stronger. That is what gets me in the door for my Barre class every time! 

What is your biggest motivator? Whatever your motivation is, new work out threads can't hurt. When you feel good, it shows! Click on any image below to shop the item! 

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