Celebrate National Spread Joy Day with Knack


Who else is feeling burnt out from the constant negative news? I dread reading it every day because there is just so much to be sad about in the world. That’s why I love also spending time each day focusing on happy things that are going on in the world! Knack, a really cool online retailer, is doing just that with a new national holiday. The National Spread Joy Day is this Thursday, October 11th!

You can read more about National Spread Joy Day here. Basically, its a really fun holiday where you are encouraged to gift a friend, stranger, WHOEVER a gift box from them. Its all about paying it forward and making other people happy! It's the day to fight back against negativity with positive counter-programming. Knack will give away 1,000 free gifts online worth over $80 each on that day to anyone willing to let them widely publish their gift message as inspiration to others on October 11th. You can go here and send one to someone that you want to make happy!


This post is sponsored. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.