People Serve As Gravity


After my accident nearly 6 years ago, I wrote “The people that love you serve as gravity when your world gets turned upside down.” Well, my world has officially fallen off its axis following my dad’s untimely death. Those words still hold so true though. I’m so thankful for my tribe who has been huddling tight around me. I’m not naive enough to think that I’ve taken more than one TINY step thus far on a VERY long road that lies ahead of me so it feels premature to hand out my thank you’s. Yet here I am, with my broken heart in my hand to say THANK YOU to my loved ones for the support thus far. Your sweet messages and thoughtful gifts hold great weight. It feels natural to shut out and off the world right now and yet I know that I have to get up every day, let as much love pour in as I can and keep trucking. To my husband, my family, my friends and my community (both on this platform and in ‘real’ life)...thank you for being my gravity thus far. #FromCarlysHeart