The World Needs You Cracked Open


I saw a quote recently that read, “bless the thing that broke you down and cracked you open because the world needs you open.” I think that openness requires a lot of bravery. To be open to our own truths, other people, loving and being loved, other customs, and alternate ideas. To show who we truly are can make us feel so vulnerable and feeling vulnerable is mega uncomfortable. Strangely enough, the things that break us (or should I say, almost break us) make us feel the most vulnerable, raw and exposed of all. They strip us to our cores, where we are as emotionally naked as we can be.

So it got me thinking...why has vulnerability pushed me to be even MORE vulnerable (with myself and others)? I think the answer is this: I got more comfortable being uncomfortable. I loosened up the parts of me that expected things to “go as planned” I accepted that the markers of success and triumph need to look different than the social norm from time to time, I started taking myself way less seriously and gave a million less craps about perception, appearance, ect (I still probably give too many but don’t we all). I saw the bravery that my own vulnerability can bring out in myself and others and I saw how little time there is to spend being unhappy, closed off, or pretending to be anything other than exactly who I am (except a better version of that person).

I have truly felt both how fluid and how starkly finite life can be during different moments and they both make vulnerability seem so insignificant in comparison. After all, the world needs us cracked open because that’s how the light gets in #fromcarlysheart