My Latest Boho Bedroom Dreams

If money wasn't standing in my way, I would redo every room in my apartment (you know all 2 of them + 2 bathrooms and kitchen haha) once a year without a dot of stress. It would bring me SO much joy. I LOVE the creative process of decorating so much! I find it to be such an outlet for me and I enjoy creating a home that feels like us so much. It would be so fun to get to revamp a space and get to experiment with different styles a little more each year. Let's be real though, I would probably keep it ivory, whites and grays at all times though haha. I'm all about using more textures than colors because I like for things to look clean but I think that textures add warmth to spaces. I promise to add a little bit of color to my kids rooms one day. Since I can't actually afford to redo my apartment, I thought I'd create a little vision board with what I am feeling at this current moment for my bedroom. Here is my latest boho bedroom dream. You can shop these items by clicking on an image above in the collage. I also linked them, along with some similar items, below.

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