Big Announcement!

I am now a luxury travel advisor!

The 'Cozy brand' now includes the Cozy Traveler! At the Cozy Traveler, I work as a travel agent to create completely customized itineraries that are full of all of those little cozy touches for my clients. I am an affiliate of Smartflyer, a full service travel agency with tons of amazing partners around the world. I am also a member of the Virtuoso network. In other words, I work with the best of the best in the industry! I started this job a couple of months ago and already planned a bunch of trips!

How does it work?

I do not charge my clients a booking fee. Instead, I get paid a commission from the hotels, tour companies, airlines, villa companies, ect. When you book with Cozy Traveler, you get added perks as a result of my partnerships and affiliations, without the added cost. Additionally, the planning process is greatly simplified and you can rest easy knowing that you are being sent to the best hotels, restaurants, and tour companies. Here's a little more about how the process of working together transpires...


Why did I decide to become a travel agent?

This has been in the works since shortly after I returned home from my honeymoon in French Polynesia. I used a travel agent (who is an affiliate at Smartflyer and is now my mentor!) and was blown away by the experience. The entire process was so seamless and easy! After planning so many details of the wedding myself, it was so nice to have an expert guiding me through the process and ultimately planning a perfect honeymoon! My husband kept saying that he's never seen me as relaxed as I was on our honeymoon. All that we had to do was show up and drivers were waiting for us to bring us to our hotel, excursions were already arranged, and everything just ran so smoothly. I was completely transfixed with the experience and became obsessed with providing the service for other people.

I also saw how many perks there were from booking with a travel agent at Smartflyer. We got a free couple's massage in Bora Bora, complimentary breakfast every day, free bottles of champagne, and a resort credit at each of the hotels we stayed at. We were also prioritized for the first row of villas on the beach in Moorea because our agent put in the request and hotels tend to do everything in their power to make clients of Smartflyer happy! It also gave me peace of mind knowing that we were experiencing the 'best of the best' by following our travel agent's recommendations. Here's a little more information about the perks of working with a me:

The other reason that I decided to join this field is that it fits well with my back injury and issues related to my chronic pain. I can work remotely from home, which is huge for me. I have been working for the past couple of months from my couch and it's been perfect for my current post-op situation. At the time of my accident, I was in graduate school pursuing a Master's of Social Work degree and had to take a medical leave of absence afterwards. I started an online Master's program at one point but I ultimately decided that it wasn't a good idea to invest money into schooling if I didn't know for certain that I would ever be able to sit in an office every day of the week. I launched this blog a year ago, which I've loved working on, and I do freelance writing for Style Me Pretty. I was always someone with a very clear direction on what I wanted to do and it's been a rough few years as I tried to find something that would both work with my surgery schedules, and modifications due to pain but still also light a fire in me. I was placed in a crossroads following my accident and its really tested my identity in a lot of ways. The thing that I work the hardest at and am the most proud of is that I refuse to let this card that I've been dealt change who I am. I wanted to find a career path that I found fulfilling, was passionate about and felt like me. I am so happy to say that I have finally arrived and am so happy to have found a career that I am excited about, interested in, and still works with the limitations I had handed to me.

My accident also taught me many valuable lessons on just how precious and fleeting life can be. I decided that I wanted to do something every day that would make people happy. We all need to choose happiness right now. That is one of the many reasons why I'm committed to helping enrich people's’ lives through travel. Nothing makes me happier than making people’s dreams come to fruition! Today is the best day to work on making your dreams come true! After all, travel makes life come to life.

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How can I help you?

I can book everything from one night in a hotel to a fully planned itinerary with flights, accommodations, tours, transfers, cruises, reservations (and everything in between). I particularly focus on honeymoons, beach destinations, Europe, safaris and family getaways. However, I have a wealth of information at my fingertips and a network of industry experts that make planning in any destination seamless! In order to get started, you can fill out this contact form or email me at Feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

Follow along!

Catch wanderlust by following the Cozy_Traveler Instagram feed! I'll be posting photos from my own travels, my client's explorations (who give permission of course) and travel inspiration in general! 

What does this mean for the Cozy Curator?

I will still be posting blog posts, Instagrams and working on the Cozy Curator! I love connecting with you guys and sharing recipes, home decor, fashion and all of that! Now more travel will be added into the mix via @cozy_traveler so please head over there and follow along! 

Thank you!

Thank you for following along on this journey and for all of your support along the way. I hope that we will get to send you off on a cozy adventure together as well!