Wrinkle Prevention & Treatment Part 2- Botox!


You might remember that I met with the amazing Jessica Kaylor (aka @the.skin.guru) at Schweiger Dermatology a couple of months ago about wrinkle prevention and treatment. You can read all about my consult and what I learned in this blog postJessica recommended that I get Botox to both treat and prevent the worsening of my wrinkles. You can watch the videos of her giving me the Botox, along with more insight from Jessica, at the bottom of this post. The photos on the left side (in blue sweater) of every collage are the ‘before’ photos and the photos on the ride side (in black shirt) are the ‘after’ photos. I did not smooth my skin or edit any of the photos.

What is the process like?

I went in for my consultation with her and ended up getting Botox injections for my crows feet, in my forehead and a little bit between my eyebrows. She counts out how much of the liquid she will need based on the areas that you need done. Jessica is really thorough and thinks through the whole process. She recommended areas that would 'even out' my wrinkles and make it look even and natural. Then, she gave me icepacks to put on the area and told me to use the muscle so that she knew exactly where to insert the needle. Right afterwards, the area swells up a little because substance is being pushed into a small area. I didn't even know that it was swollen from how it felt and only realized once she said something and I looked in the mirror. My swollen spots went down within 20 minutes or so. Jessica is conservative and was on board with the plan to make sure that I did not look "frozen" or different. She said that she will give patients what they ask for but she likes to start with less at first and then have you come back for touch ups. I liked this plan because you can always add more but you can't remove some if you don't like it. I ended up still having a decent amount of crows feet wrinkles (which she predicted I would but wanted to be conservative the first time and learn for sure which spots are ideal to inject and how much to inject). I went in two weeks later for a touch up and am thrilled with the results!


Did it hurt?

Not at all...seriously! My friend said, "well you have a high tolerance because you live in pain" and I have to tell you that it isn't even a factor. Seriously, a flu shot hurts more than Botox injections. I didn't feel the liquid pushing into me as much as I do with a shot in my arm either. She gives you ice to put on the area before doing the injection but when I went in for my touch ups, I told her not even to bother. The needle is SO thin! 

Are their any limitations as to what you can/cannot do after?

If you're going to work out that day, get it over with before you go in for your appointment. As a general rule, Jessica recommends avoiding anything that would cause a head rush. She also prefers when her patients come in with a clean face with no makeup on it, ideally. This is so that she can really see every single line and get a great sense of your wrinkles.


How much does it cost?

Jessica is offering a 20% Cozy Curator discount for all of my readers! The price varies based on how many areas you are getting injected. 

Will I look different?

I can tell you that the only way that I look different is that I look better haha. My skin looks so much smoother! I can still make every expression that I want to and my face still totally moves. When I furrow my brows though, they aren't getting as furrowed and the lines aren't getting as deep. I can still see my smile in my eyes and everything. She used this analogy that I think is so on point: Botox is like smoothing out a skirt. My face is the skirt and it is so much smoother now that I got the Botox. However, the "skirt" still moves and flows. The lines were smoothed out though, which is great for now but also for the future because now those wrinkles won't continue to get deeper and deeper as a result of continuous deep creasing (laser resurfacing can actually iron it out). The other surprise win that I noticed is that my eyebrows strangely look better. They are now sitting more on my true "brow line" of my brow bone and therefore look a little bit more spread out and shapely. 


How can I schedule my Botox appointment?

You can make an appointment with Jessica Kaylor, MMS, PA-C in her Manhattan or Hoboken office by visiting Schweiger Dermotology's website or calling 201-795-0021. Make sure to also follow Jessica on Instagram @the.skin.guru for lots of helpful skincare tips! 

Videos of me getting Botox: 

Obviously, if you have a needle phobia then you may not want to watch. The needle was SO thin and tiny though!