TV Shows I've Loved Recently


Unfortunately, I have to spend a lot of time laying down instead of out doing stuff. Luckily, I don't mind laying on the couch at night with some candles lit, a snack, and a good show on tv though. When Jay is down to massage my feet too, that's the ultimate, but it usually lasts for a solid minute and then he just starts pulling on my toes haha. Who actually likes that?!

Point is, cozy nights binge watching a show can be awesome. I love binge watching a show because it keeps you hooked. I prefer it to watching movies or watching a show scattered, how about you? Here are the best things that I've watched recently. P.S. Billions isn't on this list because I've been watching it for a while but the newest season just started and if you don't watch it, you should definitely start it from the beggining and catch up!

Game of Thrones

I know I'm late to the game on this one but I started it late this fall and I got hooked. I watched one episode years ago and only understood who was having sex with who so I wrote it off. I have had zero issue following along with the show though since I've been watching it. Still, its easiest to figure out whose sleeping with who haha but its not hard to follow once you understand who everyone is. It's an HBO series...HBO, Showtime and Netflix are kind of my jams. It's definitely dark and on nights I'm in a lot of pain sometimes I'm just not feeling it and want something lighter so I've looped in some of these other ones. 

Grace & Frankie

This was another show that my mom and I binged on Netflix while I was recovering at her house. It's a Netflix series with short episodes and its a very light watch. The target audience is definitely older than me but I thought that it was really funny and cute and lighthearted. It's about 2 women in their 60s whose husbands tell them that they aren't actually just best friends and have actually been lovers for many years and that they want to get divorced form their wives so that they can marry each other. Their adult kids are in it as well, which I like and definitely helps bridge the age demographic I was talking about haha. 

Friends From College

This is another Netflix series that only has one (short) season so far. It's about a group of friends from college who are now in their 30s and living in Manhattan. There's affairs, job qualms, infertility struggles, marriage stuff, and all that jazz. I thought it was really funny in that dry sort of way. I really like the cast, especially Keegan Michael Key! It only has 8 episodes so far so its a really quick watch.

My Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman

I'm a big fan of Howard Stern's interviews because unlike interviews on talk shows, they really take their time and dive into stuff. This series on Netflix that David Letterman is doing is the same. It feels like there's no agenda of something to promote and they really go deep. It would be such a dream (in the unachievable, I'm not even in a realm of being good enough at it way) to conduct interviews like this. I love how the conversation just takes them wherever it naturally goes and how he asks 'real' questions that provoke 'real' answers. These interviews really allow you into the guests' mind and let you see things from their perspective and hear about their story. It's almost like if therapy only involved the interesting stuff haha. They also talk on worldly topics and important issues but in a way that is far from boring. My favorite episodes that I've watched thus far (I still need to watch more) are Obamas, Jay-Z, and George Clooney. 

Tamborine by Chris Rock

This is Chris Rock's latest Netflix comedy special. I like watching a comedy special on a Saturday night when we are staying in because it feels a little bit like you're out at a comedy show and its different than just watching something else on TV. I didn't love the beginning of this series but then it really picked up. Obviously, it all depends on what topics you like but I was cracking up all of the stuff about men versus women and relationships. He talked about why he got divorced and the things that he wishes he did differently (which I majorly respected and liked) but in a really funny way. The series is named Tamborine because he says that he wanted to be the lead singer in his relationship the whole time and that it doesn't work like that. Sometimes you get to play lead and sometimes you have to "play the tamborine mother fucker." I LOVE comedy because it takes these simple things that other people would just look right past and makes them profound. I love comedy that touches on the obvious in a way that makes you feel like "duh" and is so relatable that it's hilarious. I am not good at science or math, I had to work really hard to get a score that I was really happy with for the SATs and all of that but I am smart in a couple of ways. One of those ways is that I have high emotional intelligence, self awareness, and empathy. Comedians tend to have this kind of intelligence (combined with darkness haha) and I feel like they slam dunk it when they hit on human nature so perfectly or play on their self awareness in such a unique way. I though that he did such a good job at that with this special. I know that Louis C.K. has taken some heat for some creepy sh** that he's done but his specials always hit these things right on the nose as well. 

Brothers & Sisters

I watched this YEARS ago when it was live (and missed a lot of it because I was at college and didn't have DVR). I loved it and was upset when it was canceled. I asked a few months ago what you guys recommended that I watch while I recovered from surgery. My favorite recovery show that I ever watched was Parenthood (so much so that I watched the entire series twice, both during recoveries haha). Someone recommended that I watch Brothers & Sisters but I was like "I've seen that." After trying out multiple shows and not liking any of them, I decided to give it a whirl. Guess what, I remembered close to nothing haha. It was brand new information basically and I loved it. Like Parenthood, its one of those shows that makes you feel like you're a part of the family on the screen. Its more dramatic and extreme than Parenthood though. Its about adult children and their parents (Sally Fields plays the mom and crushes it) and all of the crazy stuff that happens in their family. Needless to say, I miss my brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, I had to purchase the episodes on Apple TV.