Amazon Prime Day 2018


Who else is fully reliant on Amazon Prime?! I frequently say that I'm grateful that I'm injured in this day and age where I can at least get SO much delivered to my door. I get 99% of our household items and groceries delivered and its such a game changer. Without Amazon, I'd probably be lost. If you don't have a Prime membership, you can do a trial and still take advantage of all of the sales! It's like a second Black Friday going on in July so you want to hop on any items that you want immediately. I could seriously link a million items that I'm passionate about but I narrowed down my top picks. I also included a couple of wishlist items like the air fryer, sous cooker and instant pot. If you buy one thing from this list though, make it the vacuum because it will It is so lightweight and easy to maneuver (even with all of my injuries). It fits in the most annoying and hard to reach spots. It's a total game changer and its embarrassing how passionate I am about a vacuum but hey, #adulthood. 

My Picks