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Ibiza has a strong reputation in the U.S. as being a party destination. While that reputation is definitely rooted in a lot of truth (it has some of the best beach clubs and nightclubs in the world), it also has SO much more to offer! In fact, I did not party once while I was there. I experienced a different "side" of Ibiza...one that was really romantic and filled with SO much natural beauty. It wasn't that we didn't want to check out a beach club, it was just that we had so much that we wanted to do within our 4 days there and ran out of time to do it all. I think as a result of the "route" that we took in our travels there, we only saw (okay, heard) a handful of Americans during our 4.5 days on the island. It felt less touristy here than the other places that we went as a result as well. We rented a car and explored as much as we could during our time there...dirt roads and all. I could have easily spent another week there!

Every spot that we saw was so different! There were gigantic rock formations that made me tear up on numerous occasions but also lush greenery everywhere. It had the Spanish feel from the mainland to it but with an island vibe. It was relaxed but bustling with culture. One cove would be quiet and peaceful, a restaurant would have chill "tropical house" music and then the streets of Old Town would be buzzing with a contagious energy. The cobblestone streets of Old Town were so full of character and looked like they were straight out of Game of Thrones! The island has SO much to offer!

Ibiza has a strong "hippie" culture, which makes for a really cool vacation experience. We took an awesome yoga class, wandered the hippie market, and saw the cutest kids in dreadlocks playing on the beach! It was an amazing destination for a vegetarian, like myself, because there were vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options on almost every menu. There were healthy and unique things to try everywhere we went and I loved it. Overall, Ibiza had my favorite restaurants of our entire trip. This "score" is based on an overall combination of food (non-healthy items as well, including the best cheesecake I've ever had) + killer atmosphere. 

The boat trip that we did to Formentera was one of my favorite (potentially my favorite) day of our entire trip! The water was so clear and the views were spectacular! It was one of those days that felt almost like I was floating above the boat looking down at what was going on because it felt like a dream. A dream that I will never forget. 

Here are some of my top recommendations of what to do in Ibiza. Of course, I learned a lot more than this along the way and I have plenty of tips and tricks for a visit to the island for all of my clients! Plus, I am able to set any of my clients up with some great amenities at these hotels but also some other favorites on the island! You can get started with planning your next adventure as a Cozy Traveler client by filling out this contact form or by emailing me at Carly.Robinson@Smartflyer.com


Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay:

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Seven Pines Resort Ibiza: This is a brand new hotel that's about to be fully opened and is in line to be amazing!

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  1. Amante: Amazing food in an INCREDIBLE atmosphere! Amante is set in a cove with magnificent rock formations on either side of you. It is perfect for a romantic dinner! Just make sure to show up while it is still light out to fully appreciate the view! The cheesecake with passionfruit glaze will change your life.

  2. Aiyanna: A cool bohemian outdoor "lounge" vibe with great views. This place feels like the epitome of Ibiza and is so enjoyable that you could happily spend a whole day there. Sit back on your comfortable couch with a cocktail, listen to the music, take in the view of the clear water in the cove in front of you and enjoy the healthy, light and creative fare. This is a perfect place for lunch and for taking endless photos!

  3. La Granja: If you're looking for a truly unique dining experience, you must go to La Granja! This farmhouse hosts a rustic, outdoor restaurant with chandeliers that sway in the wind. The property is gorgeous and completely serene. It feels like you are in the middle of nowhere while you sip your wine and enjoy course after course. They encourage you to explore the farm and see where a lot of the food that they served you grew. All of the ingredients are so fresh and the creations are truly art. The menu is set and all members of you party must select either the vegetarian menu or the menu with meat. Make sure to make your reservation ahead of time since they only keep the ingredients that they need for the day on hand.

  4. La Oliva: It's so fun to dine in Old Town while you listen to the street performers and feel so much of the charm. Make sure to grab a table outside in the "street."



Formentera Boat Trip: You can't go to Ibiza without visiting the small neighboring island, Formentera! Formentera is the smallest of the Balearic Islands but it definitely can hold its own in terms of natural beauty! The water is crystal clear, the yachts are everywhere, and each area is distinct. Hop off the boat for lunch with a view. Reach out to me at carly.robinson@smartflyer.com to help you charter the perfect boat for your day trip! 

Explore Coves: There are so many unique coves all along the island! Rent a car or let me set up a tour for you to see the ones that peak your interest! I have a map with descriptions of each cove so that you can pick out the ones that you want to prioritize!

Sunset view of Es Vedrà: Es Vedrà is truly breathtaking! This uninhabited rock island stands 400 metres high and is opposite Cala d'Hort and can be easily seen from a couple of famous viewpoints. Es Vedrà is the center of many mythical stories and legends. The most common is that it is the third most magnetic spot on Earth! It provides the perfect backdrop for a sunset but even if you can't make it during sunset hours, make sure that you go at some point! 

Hippy Market: There are a few famous hippy markets on the island. Hippy culture is deeply rooted in Ibiza and many modern day hippies sell the goods that they create at these markets. Make sure to check the days that the various markets are open so that you can find one that works with your schedule. 

Clubs: Of course, Ibiza is known for it's beach clubs and night clubs! Some of the most popular nightclubs are Pacha and Amnesia. Beach clubs are also wildly popular! A few favorites on the island are Experimental Beach Club, Beachhouse, Cotton Beach Club, and Cala Bassa. 

Visit Old Town: Wander the "streets" with some gelato in your hand. Listen to the live music, pop in some shops and soak in the old world feel. 



For help booking your trip to Ibiza, or any other destination, shoot me an email at carly.robinson@smartflyer.com! You can also fill out the contact form on my website. I can help you plan a customized itinerary and help get you added amenities at resorts. I pride myself in matching my clients with the best accomodations and activities to match their style and needs! 

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