Let's Talk About Sex & Coconu Lube

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Well, everyone else besides my grandma, Jay’s grandma, our aunts, and any other family members that follow along here…let’s talk! I figure I’m already vulnerable as he** in this space so why not add this topic into the ring. I genuinely wish and hope for every consenting/wanting adult in the world to have a healthy and satisfying sex life so I hope that today’s post will be helpful! Gotta spread the love/info for making the love! Ugh, I’m so cheesy.

I think that the first thing that needs to be addressed is the stigma around lube. Truthfully, I don’t get why there is a stigma at all. I’ve heard people make references to the fact that they don’t need it like there is some sort of shame attached to using it. First of all, I think that there a billion reasons why it may be functionally helpful and zero of them should have shame attached to them. Hormonal changes, medical conditions, medication side effects, age…to name a few. Secondly, I want to debunk the stigma that you would only use lube out of need and not out of want. Simply said, it makes sex, and everything that comes before actual intercourse, better. Not using lube during sex is like eating tortilla chips without guacamole. The chips will be great regardless…I mean, they’re chips! But guacamole will elevate the chips every single time!

All that being said, I used to find a lot of deterrents for using lubricant. As you likely know by this point, I love being and feeling CLEAN. Well traditionally, lube can lead you to feeling something besides that. You may also know that I try to be conscientious about what products I use and the ingredients in them. I try to both use and consume relatively ‘clean’ products..from the face products that I use, to the food that I consume, to the cleaning products in my cabinet and everything in between. I am far from perfect at it and am always working on progress in this realm of my life (while simultaneously cutting myself slack for not giving up my favorite mascara, eating ice cream, etc). Well, when I really began the swap over process in my house and life to ‘safer’ and ‘cleaner’ products about 5 years ago, Jay and I started researching ‘safe’ lubes. Truthfully, we didn’t get very far because the options were just more limited then and we ended up ordering a product that was marketed as ‘organic lube’ on Amazon and really I don’t think that there was evidence that it was indeed organic or if it was it was not mad with all natural products. Second off, I try not to order personal care items on Amazon because the shelf life, temperatures of the warehouses, etc aren’t always regulated (depending on the supplier). As the options kept expanding, I would restock my nightstand drawer with a new product to test out. I am picky though and don’t like when things are too watery or sticky so I wasn’t very successful.

Then, I found Coconu and became obsessed! So much so that even though I just purchased it regularly on my own online, I ended up reaching out to them and asked if they could give me a discount code to share with you guys because I feel like everyone needs it in their life! I am so passionate about it that I am speaking publicly about lube usage haha! It feels like not only is not bad for you, it seems to actually be good for you because it is moisturizing in a non-intense way! It’s a coconut based lube and actually certified organic, made with all natural products, GMO free and is not tested on animals. Check, check, check! It’s completely free of parabens, silicone, glycerin and harsh chemicals so it won’t mess with your PH levels and is gentle on your skin. It’s also 3oz so you can travel with it because isn’t vacation sex you’re favorite sex?! Spoken from the #CozyTraveler so I may be biased but I do my best work on vacation ;)

Coconu makes a water based lube and an oil based lube. I personally like the oil based product more because its a little thicker and therefore less messy. It is also longer lasting and for me, just feels better. The water based product is more slick so I think that it comes down to personal preference. Coconu is a Certified B Corporation and gives 10% of its proceeds to Ovarian Cancer research, which I really respect.

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This post is sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own.