Learning to Love My Body Through Working Out


I aggravated the he** out of my back injury during a workout on Tuesday & it hurt to move a centimeter for the next couple of days. As in, every inch of my body felt like it needed to be supported. It was FAR from the first time that I’ve hurt myself working out since my accident (even though I modify heavily) & I’m sure it will not be the last time. The ‘line’ is always moving as I recover from my latest surgery & I feel like I can’t progress without a little bit of pushing but once I cross that line, I pay the price. I definitely feel all of the instincts to just quit exercise all together as tears are streaming down my face & I’m suffering (more than normal) during my precious vacation time with my husband. But I know by now that will never quit exercising. Ever. Most of the days, it empowers me. It’s been crucial for me to have my body perform for me. For it to function and do something positive. I’m in a lifelong relationship with this body and I am always working at keeping it a positive & healthy relationship. It’s easy to feel like it’s me versus my body...like it’s failing me..like it’s preventing me from being a “normal” twenty-something. But I believe in loving it & it loving me back & exercise is one of the many, many things I do for that practice. It helps me get in tune with it...on the same page. The workout endorphins are also HUGE for me & I pay the price emotionally when I skip for too many days. An added goal is always turning fat into muscle too right 😉 I just need to remind myself that even with modifying heavily it is still HARD, especially when you were on crutches not that long ago. Something is always better than nothing & smart is the best way to get strong. Slow & steady wins the race. The race to the mutually loving, lifelong relationship. #FromCarlysHeart 

Carly Ellentuck