Upping My Dental Care Routine


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I’ve always done the basics, with a little bit of wiggle room, for my dental care. I’ve always brushed my teeth 3 times a day. I flossed, but truthfully only a couple of time a week. I used my electric toothbrush probably at least half the time and my regular toothbrush the other half out of nothing but laziness. Truthfully, by the time that night rolls around my body can hardly tolerate standing still and I am in more pain so I try to make my transition into bed as fast as possible and there are just SO many tasks to do. It somehow takes forever to get ready for bed. This is a big reason why I don’t wear makeup frequently (taking it off) so I know I’ve mentioned it before but the getting ready for bed process is dreadful. Needless to say, I cut corners half the time by brushing with my regular toothbrush and skipping flossing.

Well, this year I had a few cavities and had to go to the dentist a bunch and was like screw this. I spend enough time in doctor’s offices as it is so I don’t need to add in extra visits for stupid things beyond the regular check ups/cleanings. I made a commitment to use my electric toothbrush twice a day (I let myself use the regular toothbrush for my afternoon/mid day brushing) but let myself have one night off a week. I also made a commitment to floss 6 days a week.

A few things have helped me stick to these goals:

  1. Having my husband get on board…we basically feel guilty if the other one is doing it (makes you feel like a slacker)

  2. Giving myself a break by building in one “cheat” night a week where I just do a regular brush AKA setting myself up for success.

  3. Getting an electric toothbrush at the beach house.

Getting an electric toothbrush at my family’s beach house has been really helpful. Whenever I came down here in the past, I would use my regular toothbrush, skip flossing, and just fall off of my routine. Once you fall off a routine, its so much harder to get back into it. I ended up getting the CariPro by Smile Brilliant and LOVE it! I actually like it more than the electric toothbrush that I have at home so I may need to switch that one as well. The bristles are softer and the head is a little bigger so the bristles span further in your mouth. This is great for me because when I used a regular toothbrush, I would sometimes push too hard. I know, this is not surprising due to my love of feeling clean/I was just sloppy about it in reality because its bad for your gums. This toothbrush is actually motivating to use because I like the way that it operates so well!

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