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Gift Guide-For Your Mom/MIL

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Today’s gift guide is for your mom or mother in law! However, I either own or want all of these items so I think its fair to say that they work for women of all ages. If you’re looking to drop a hint to someone in your life, just copy and paste the URL to this blog post and send it over to someone’s mailbox. Everyone needs a Mrs. Claus!

  1. Cardigan: The softest cardigan OF ALL TIME! It feels like a cloud and is so cozy and warm. It comes in multiple colors. It’s one of those things that you never want to take off.

  2. Slip on Sneakers: These are great for anyone who travels or is out and about. Its great to have a pair of sneakers that you can still dress up and look cute in. My mom and I both have a pair like this and get so much use out of them. These are nice quality and come in multiple colors.

  3. Instant Pot: This is a crockpot on steroids. It does the same type of cooking but at a way faster speed!

  4. Necklace: This is actually the last gift that my dad gave my mom (for her birthday) before his passing and I think that it’s a special one. Its rare to find a monogram necklace with diamonds on it. It’s so delicate and feminine!

  5. Curling Iron Trio: This is such an awesome curling iron set! You can adjust the wands to get different types of curls.

  6. Luggage: Who doesn’t want super nice quality luggage? I love how these are monogramed and so classy looking. They come in multiple colors. If they get scuffs on them, they clean up easily with a magic eraser. This is how you travel in style!

  7. Diffuser: This pretty diffuser is the perfect accessory to get someone into essential oils!

  8. Pillowcase: This silk pillowcase is a game changer! Besides the fact that it feels nice on your face, it has so many amazing properties. It doesn’t absorb the moisturizer/face oil from your face when you lay down on it like a regular pillow case does. That’s great because it protects the investment of our skin product! Also, it is better for your skin and wrinkle prevention. It has benefits for your hair too, including keeping your styled hair in place more so than a regular pillow case. It also helps keep your hair soft and shiny. Just make sure to follow the care instructions for washing because I learned my lesson the hard way with mine.

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Gift Guide-Under $25

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Are you looking for a kicka** gift at a kicka** price? These gifts are perfect for coworkers, your friends, a secret Santa exchange and all of those other budget friendly gift necessities. The post includes items for men and women and a lot of them are unisex so that they can be used easily for a white elephant exchange or something of that nature.

  1. Monogram Coaster: I have this and use it on my desk! Its such a great item for someone’s nightstand or desk since its personalized. I love the style of it. The price point is ridiculously good.

  2. Book: This is such a cute coffee table book! My friend got it for me for my birthday last year, for obvious reasons. Its got great recipes and just pretty things inside!

  3. Travel Mug: This travel mug is incredible. It keeps things SO hot for SO long. We have one and I’m so impressed by it. I’ve always used it for mac and cheese to keep it extra hot!

  4. Candle: This monogrammed candle makes such a great hostess gift and/or gift for any woman in your life. Who doesn’t love a nice candle? Plus, its a neutral color, which I always think is nice for gifts for people’s homes.

  5. Baseball Cap: This hat is unisex and so cool. It’s classic with a trendy twist.

  6. Roller: This facial roller is so awesome. Its great for helping your face lotion or oils absorb into your skin and for combatting wrinkles. It also helps with inflammation.

  7. Neck Massager: My friend had this neck massager and my whole family fell in love with it. My mom immediately ordered all of us one and we’ve all been walking around with them on our necks for easy access and use. Its perfect for trigger points and for getting out knots that are hard to reach on your own.

  8. Toiletry Bag: This bag is particularly great for men’s travel.

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Holiday Decor 2018

It’s that time of year to ‘deck the halls.’ Holiday decor is my favorite because its the coziest! Give me some twinkle lights, furry blankets, and delicious smelling candles and I’m good to stay on my couch. I basically married a Christian person so that I could finally put up a Christmas tree and decorate my apartment with furry stockings and all of the Christmas vibes. I am a bit of an ornament addict and could seriously do damage buying decor for my tree. I definitely have some Chanukah touches in our apartment as well (proud Jew here) but there just aren’t as many options out there. I found the coolest menorahs and Chanukah decor in the game though and linked it at the bottom of this post. Have fun getting in the holiday spirit!

General Christmas Decor

Christmas Tree Decor

Chanukah Decor

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My Workspace and Tips for Working From Home

Who else works from home? It definitely has its share of advantages and disadvantages. The top advantages for me include no commute time, having access to your kitchen, being able to wear sweatpants and most importantly, being able to lay down flat on my couch while working. It is challenging to stay completely focused on work, set boundaries for your work day, and some other things as well when you work from home. I have found that having a designated work space is so helpful for me! I am sharing my work space in today’s post as well as linking the items at the bottom of the post. Full discloser..I removed my printer, printer paper, and books before taking these photos because printers are ugly haha. I have a pile of cook books and travel magazines at the corner of my desk as well.

If you also WTH, please share your top tips in the comments!

My Tips for Working From Home:

  • Have a designated work space! I lay down while I work the majority of the time because of my back injuries but its still so crucial that I have a desk to organize everything at! I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and while I would LOVE to have an office, its just not realistic. I made sure that I still set up a significant work space (with shelves and drawers for storage), even though its right in my living room. I also don’t have a kitchen table (no space) so having a desk to do work was vital. It took me forever to find one that I loved and fit right in the exact amount of space that I have and I was thrilled when my hard work and research paid off. It’s a children’s desk (that I got on sale) and works perfectly for me because it also matches my coffee table. My desk items are linked at the bottom of this post.

  • Keep your work space clear and non-cluttered. Even if your work space is your living room, keep it clean so that your mind can focus better. If everything is a mess around me, my brain feels scattered.

  • Put on a talk show or podcast in the background while you eat your lunch. Working from home can get isolating and lonely and I think that engaging your mind in something other than work for a short lunch break is necessary to stay (slightly) sane haha.

  • Pile all of your chores into one portion of the day. I don’t know about you but I find that the most distracting thing is doing chores. There are things all around me to get done. Since I feel better after I check a lot of chores off of my to do list (plus its better for my back to do physical things early in the day), I try to get them over with in the morning. I even prep dinner in the morning!

  • Set boundaries for working hours. This is a hard one for me! I am still really struggling with it and need to get better at it. I generally am trying to stop my work day when Jay gets home from work, which is usually pretty late anyways. I think that this is the hardest part of working from home because there aren’t clear enough boundaries and it feels like your work seeps into all aspects of your life.

  • Get out of the house! Get out of the house at one point during the day for sanity purposes. I also find it helpful to go to another space to work at least once a week (I got to my lounge in my building but you could go to a coffee shop). I would do this more frequently because I find that I’m more productive but I need to work laying down a lot.


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*Both lamps are no longer for sale but here is a similar one!

*I got the decorative key and glass jars from a boutique in my hometown and can’t link them, sorry!

Wellness Pain Treatments

You may know that I deal with chronic pain on a daily basis following injuries that I sustained after being hit by a car in 2012. My primary sources of pain are my lower lumbar and SI joint. However, I also have pain issues and limitations in my right knee, pelvis and side/waist. My injuries and issues are so layered and complex (there’s the baseline issue and then issues from surgeries I’ve had like scar tissue build up, etc that pile on) so I won’t go into them all. My pain is mainly deep in my joints but I also have pain/issues with muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and scar tissue. Unfortunately, a lot of my life revolves around keeping my pain as under control as I can. I work really, really hard at doing everything that I can think of to help my pain levels. I always say that I will take any relief; even if its only a small percentage of relief, that percentage can be stacked with another percentage and add up. Anything is better than nothing. I (and really I should say we because my husband is such a great partner and is unfortunately impacted by everything), modify and adapt our lives a great deal to accommodate my pain and injuries (MUCH more than it seems to the outside world). I could go on an on about every little angle that my legs need to be at to relieve pain in my spine but instead, I’m here to focus on some tips that I think can be applicable to anyone with aches and pains. I want to mention that I have a whole slew of products that I suggest for post-op that I may do a post about if its relevant to people/you guys want it so please let me know.

These wellness focused “treatments” and products are things that I’ve found to be helpful over the years. I think that most of them can apply to anyone with aches and pains, even those that follow a workout with just normal soreness. In fact, the less severe the ache is, the more effective I think that these things would be. For example, I have to take a really high dose of CBD to notice a tiny, tiny dot of difference but I know friends of mine who say that a small amount really helps them. I find it very challenging to travel without these products (half of my suitcase is pain treatment items) and I find it so difficult to sleep out places because I am so reliant on my mattress, my special pillows, and just all of these products to help keep my pain at the ‘baseline’ average (which isn’t nearly what I wish it was).

The bummer about all of this is that it is not covered by insurance. I can get my insurance company to cover opioids and while I think that they would be more effective in making me feel less pain in a given moment, they have SO many negative side effects and are highly addictive so I don’t take them (except for immediately post op, depending on the surgery). The whole system is backwards and it’s mega upsetting. I can get ‘poison’ for free and yet have to pay an arm and a leg out of pocket for wholistic treatments. Similarly, there are no ‘middle ground’ doctors in my network that can help me create a treatment plan that falls somewhere in between Eastern and Western medicine. I have pieced advice together from all my pain management doctor, bone doctor, dietician, and acupuncturist. However, most of this comes from my own research and trial and error. However, I am not a doctor so I recommend speaking with your own doctor before trying these things.

Wellness Supplements

Castor oil : I put essential oils (mentioning my favorite ones for pain below) into a little bowl with castor oil and mix it. Then, I massage the castor oil in everywhere that I have pain (basically everywhere from the middle of my body down). I used to be diligent about then applying a heating pad (that you put in the microwave) to the areas that I have scar tissue but I fell off the habit and should get back to it because its supposed to be more effective.

CBD: I use all formats depending on the situation/what I have on hand (except I’ve never used the spray). I have to take a really high dosage to notice it make my muscles relax at all, which is unfortunate because it gets really expensive. If anyone has a brand that they recommend as being really strong for the cost and is a quality product please let me know.

Epsom salt: I use epsom salt in baths along with essential oils. I try to take an epsom soak at least a couple of times a week (it would be better if I did it every day). I highly recommend this for anyone who exercises regularly too.

Essential oils: I have been using essential oils for a few years now but over the past year I made a more concrete commitment to furthering my knowledge of them. I still have learning to do but I have found that they serve so many purposes. I have also noticed a difference in purchasing quality products from Young Living. I think that a little bit goes much further than the cheaper products I’ve purchased in the past and I generally feel more secure when I use them because I trust the brand more. I diffuse them, put them in baths, and apply them to my skin (with a carrier oil). I can do a whole separate blog post on these if anyone is interested but I will say that my ‘go tos’ for pain are: Valor, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Lavender, Cedarwood, Frankincense, and Relieve It.

Chelated iron: With the suggestion from a dietician and my bone doctor, I started taking Chelated iron and it has made such a difference for me. I have this throbbing pain that goes from my hips down the back of my legs and through my feet and its like a constant pulse. It makes it really hard to sleep. It’s like that feeling when you need to elevate your legs but it happens all the time. Since taking the iron, that feeling has lessened (but not gone away by ANY means). The chelated iron is much kinder to your stomach than regular iron.

Flaxseed oil: I’ve been taking this for years for inflammation and for the arthritis in my joints. I try to include it in my diet as well but at least I know I’m definitely intaking it every day.

Turmeric: I take this for inflammation and arthritis as well. I try to include it in my diet as well but at least I know I’m definitely intaking it every day.

Vitamin D & Calcium: I don’t directly take these for pain. I take these because I developed Osteopenia (low bone density) after my accident and have continued to show low bone density on my scans ever since, even though all of my blood word and diet is within normal range. They believe that this is because I have been non weight bearing on and off for so many years with all of the surgery I get/have had and how much I have to lay around every day due to pain. Even though the range for my diet is normal, we are trying to boost my levels of these things above the normal range to help my bones.

Vegan collagen: for bones & beauty  


Barre: I went to PT for years and it was great…I learned a lot and it helped me a lot. It got to a point where it felt like I was being ‘babied’ and like I knew what they were teaching me enough to take it off site. I started barre years ago (and have done it on and off depending on restrictions following surgeries). It is a great exercise for me because it is low impact, strength building, and I can modify when I need to. It also involves a lot of stretching!

Mayo facial release massage therapy: I aim to get a mayo facial release massage once a week. I go to Massage Envy because the member prices are great. My biggest advice is to keep trying different people there until you find the right person who is the right fit for you. Its scary for me to try new people because I have been hurt many times by massage therapists (by accident). Plus, I know that the therapist that I see knows my injuries and spends all of the time focusing on them in the right way. This type of massage is not relaxing or ‘enjoyable’ per say but I find it to be incredibly enjoyable because it provides me relief in that moment especially.

Dry needling: This is a new treatment that I started. It is a form of acupuncture where they place the needle in deeper, kind of dig it around, and then pull it out right away. It’s like trigger point release therapy. If I find it to be helpful long term, I will do a post solely dedicated to it. I was really sore after getting it the first time (like sore to the lightest touch), which made me really excited that it’s doing something.

Stretching: I am an avid stretcher and huge believer in stretching. I stretch every single day, often multiple times a day. If I’m standing by a wall, I will start stretching my calves even. When you are hurt and especially if you are overcompensating (even if you try your hardest not to), other parts of your body will ache that aren’t even hurt. I strongly believe that everyone should be stretching. It’s my life line. You will see my stretching in a restaurant or the weirdest places because it provides me with a second of relief that I need. My favorite tools to stretch with are this Magic circle  and this Foam roller.

Products That Are Life Savers:

Casper mattress : I don’t know if a day goes by that I say that I’m not grateful for my Casper mattress. It has changed my life! It somehow is exactly what I need for it to be and I can’t even believe it. If I sleep in any mattress besides a Casper now, I find it to be almost intolerable. Laying flat in my Casper, with my special pillows helps me recover more so than anything else that I do.

Body pillow: I need for my spine to be aligned and can’t have it twisting in or collapsing so a body pillow is a necessity. I actually have a cheap one but this memory foam one is on my wish list majorly because the matching regular pillow has been a life saver for me.

Temper-pedic pillow : This pillow is NOT delicious…it does not feel all cozy and amazing to lay on. However, it helps keep my spine in line in the way that I perfectly set it up (it takes me hours to get comfortable and fall asleep because pain and sleep don’t go hand in hand yet I NEED sleep to reduce pain so I’m grateful for anything that helps). It’s great for side sleeping and sleeping on your back.

Compression socks: My genius husband recently had this idea to help my leg and feet cramps and aches (come from my SI issues and nerve issues). They aren’t comfortable but they have been helping. I’m trying to wear them for a great deal of the day.

Dehumidifier : Another genius idea by my husband! My joint pain gets so much worse when it rains or when its really dense in the air (I think my husband was sick of me playing weather woman and predicting the rain haha). I recently learned that when you have holes in your joints (I have multiple from past surgeries and then removal of hardware), you feel it even more because your body ‘fills’ those holes with moisture to match the outside world. Let me tell you, the pressure is intense! It makes it even harder for me to sleep when it rains so we put one of these in our bedroom and one in the main area of our apartment. Obviously, these aren’t great for your skin care routine or for breathing but if you’re suffering from the rain like me, I highly recommend it.

Heating pad : For muscle tension

Gel ice pack: The CVS gel cold compresses are like gold because you can place them under your back and lay flat on them.

Essential oil diffusers: I have one on my nightstand and one in my kitchen/living area.

Ultrasound machine: I purchased this to help break up scar tissue but really haven’t utilized it enough because I can’t do it by myself and really, how much can I ask Jay to do when he gets home late from work?! I want to try to do it more though.

Kitchen mat: Game changer for anyone with a bad knee, bad joints or just anyone that cooks! I can’t tolerate standing on the hard ground at all so I always wear “indoor sneakers” but standing still is really hard for me regardless and this mat really helps. Its not the most attractive thing but I could NEVER live without it. I want one in my bathroom as well because I really struggle with standing up to get ready for bed each night but its just not the best idea with the amount of space we have. This mat is worth the investment, trust me!

House shoes: Like I said, my joints can’t stand standing on the ground. I need a slip on ‘sneaker’ of sort that I can slide on without having to bend over to put them on but still won’t put me at risk for falling or tripping (aka have a back to them). I put these on just to get up to walk from the couch to the bathroom because I can’t tolerate it that much. Any layer of cushion is much appreciated, even if they are SO ugly! I want to try Dansko shoes next, which medical professionals wear and are also ugly. I never want to spend a lot of money on these because I wear them so much that I wear through them quickly but I am open to any other better suggestions for these!

Anti Inflammatory Foods:

I want to first say that while I try my best to avoid these foods during the week, I am not perfect. I also do not avoid all of them on the weekends because food brings me a lot of happiness and there is A LOT to be said for things that bring you happiness, even with so many limitations. I have been a vegetarian since I was 10 years old AND I have been a healthy person in general. My motives for eating how I do are rooted in MANY things, and pain is one of them. I try to avoid these foods that cause inflammation as best as possible during the week. Cutting dairy (really just cheese) out of my weeknight diet has been the most challenging thing of all. Here are the foods that I generally try to avoid:



Processed foods with additives  

Processed sugar  

Refined carbohydrates  


Some Things I’ve Tried But Didn’t Work FOR ME:

Regular Accupuncture: I did’t see results but would be willing to try it again if it didn’t cost so much money out of pocket. I believe SO much that acupuncture DOES work though for so many people so definitely try it!

Hypnotherapy: I did’t see results but would be willing to try it again if it didn’t cost so much money out of pocket.

Chiropractor: It isn’t safe for my spinal injuries.

Cyrotherapy: If you’re into paying for cold torture, do it haha. I’m sure it’s helpful for people but I tensed my muscles so much.  

Stim: It’s fine but just doesn’t do much for me.

Lidocaine patches: Too surface level for my injuries it seems

Magnesium: It made me feel shaky and faint, which are feelings that I really don’t enjoy (they trigger anxiety and I’m prone to it), but I’m intrigued to try again maybe if I wasn’t alone or something.

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Labor Day 2018 Sales

Mrs. Cozy here with the last blog post of the summer. The bad news is that summer is closing out. The pain is lessened a little by all of the great Labor Day sales. I linked to all of my favorite retailers that have great sales. I also rounded up some of my favorite items from some of the sales with the images you can click. Have a great Labor Day, friends!

Macy’s: Take an extra 20% off the Macy’s Labor Day Sale with code WKND, plus free shipping starting at $49; Ends 9/3

Jcrew: 40% off entire purchase

Ulta: Get a 20% coupon with qualifying purchases with code 679729; Ends 9/1

Urban Outfitters: Get 30% off sale items; Ends 9/3

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Home

I know that I've mentioned this before but if I could redecorate my apartment once a year I would be a happy camper! I LOVE home decor! The home section of the Nsale is calling my name. Even if you aren't redecorating, there are so many cute decor pieces that can just be little touches. It's nice to have a little refresh on a space but its REALLY nice to do so while items are on sale. Click on an image below to shop it!

Amazon Prime Day 2018

Who else is fully reliant on Amazon Prime?! I frequently say that I'm grateful that I'm injured in this day and age where I can at least get SO much delivered to my door. I get 99% of our household items and groceries delivered and its such a game changer. Without Amazon, I'd probably be lost. If you don't have a Prime membership, you can do a trial and still take advantage of all of the sales! It's like a second Black Friday going on in July so you want to hop on any items that you want immediately. I could seriously link a million items that I'm passionate about but I narrowed down my top picks. I also included a couple of wishlist items like the air fryer, sous cooker and instant pot. If you buy one thing from this list though, make it the vacuum because it will It is so lightweight and easy to maneuver (even with all of my injuries). It fits in the most annoying and hard to reach spots. It's a total game changer and its embarrassing how passionate I am about a vacuum but hey, #adulthood. 

My Picks

My Latest Boho Bedroom Dreams

If money wasn't standing in my way, I would redo every room in my apartment (you know all 2 of them + 2 bathrooms and kitchen haha) once a year without a dot of stress. It would bring me SO much joy. I LOVE the creative process of decorating so much! I find it to be such an outlet for me and I enjoy creating a home that feels like us so much. It would be so fun to get to revamp a space and get to experiment with different styles a little more each year. Let's be real though, I would probably keep it ivory, whites and grays at all times though haha. I'm all about using more textures than colors because I like for things to look clean but I think that textures add warmth to spaces. I promise to add a little bit of color to my kids rooms one day. Since I can't actually afford to redo my apartment, I thought I'd create a little vision board with what I am feeling at this current moment for my bedroom. Here is my latest boho bedroom dream. You can shop these items by clicking on an image above in the collage. I also linked them, along with some similar items, below.

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Easter Decor

My husband is the Christian one in the relationship but he isn't religious so we don't go to church or anything like that for Easter. Still, we like to use it as an opportunity to get together with family so we go to his mom's house every year and celebrate! I also like every opportunity to get festive so I always make festive treats and will decorate a little bit. If you also like to get festive, I linked some cute decor and serving pieces below! 

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Valentine's Decor & Entertaining Essentials

I grew up with a mom who loved to make holidays and birthdays feel really special. SHE is just really special like that! I love having little festive touches in my home for the holidays. I also like to make cute treats and themed food for holidays (as you probably know haha). Everything tastes better off of a cute plate, right?! I linked my favorite Valentine's home decor below. I also included some party supplies that you can use even if you're not having a party (like me haha). If you're not into baking but want to have something fun and festive, I also linked some treats that you can buy online. The rose cakes are SO good! They arrive frozen and defrost so so well (this is coming from someone who is so picky about freshness). They're so pretty and extremely well priced compared to rose cakes that I've gotten from local bakeries. Let's feel the love! Hover over an image below to see the price and click the image to shop it.

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Gift Wrap Wonderland with Container Store
FullSizeRender (17).jpg

Does anyone else think that gift wrap is part of the gift?! I LOVE and appreciate pretty gift wrap. At this time of year, beautiful gift wrap is especially important because our gifts serve as pieces of decor. Whether they're sitting under your Christmas tree or next to your menorah, they can contribute to the overall festive feel! Each year, I love curating different combinations of wrapping paper that look cohesive and intentionally styled. I like to have a "men's theme" "women's theme" and "kids theme" for my Christmas wrap and then I usually stick to one wrap for all of the Chanukah presents that I give out to my family.

For the past 4 years I have purchased my gift wrap from The Container Store. I love the quality of their products and their fun yet timeless designs! They just opened up a Container Store in Livingston, NJ so I took a little field trip there for a gift wrap demonstration. If you followed along on my Instagram stories, then you know that they turn gift wrapping into an actual art form at that store! They are holding gift wrap demonstrations for the public at every location every Saturday and Sunday through December 23rd at 1pm and 3pm so you can go see one too (note that the Paramus location is not open on Sunday). They also have an online tutorial that you can find here. 

I hope that you enjoy my different curated gift wrap "themes" this year! I linked all of the items in each collection below the pictures. All of the products are also linked under 'Shop The Post' at the bottom of the post. Happy wrapping!

Rustic Christmas

FullSizeRender (15).jpg
FullSizeRender (14).jpg
FullSizeRender (16).jpg
FullSizeRender (19).jpg
FullSizeRender (20).jpg
FullSizeRender (21).jpg