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Knack Gift Program

Is it just me or are traditional "gift baskets" ridiculously outdated?! Does anyone actually eat the apple in the baskets or remember to bake with the mix from them?! I get it though, it's hard (and time consuming) to think of cute combinations of gifts for people though. Enter Knack....

Knack is a modern gift service that creates custom baskets or helps you purchase curated gift baskets with unique items. It has that artisan, small shop feel but online! They even have an online concierge who can help match you with the best gift box. I think that their boxes are PERFECT for housewarming gifts, host/hostess gifts, gifts for work get the point. 

I already buy so many of these brands and have bought so many of these exact products as gifts before. In fact, I usually stock up on this cement candle because its my 'go to' hostess gift along with a set of cute matches. So, I trust that they are buying quality products to put in their boxes since I have used and loved so many of them. 

They break gift boxes down by gender, occasion (get well, baby...), and hobbies. I think their website is so user friendly, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for (without going in knowing exactly what that even is)! My box is the Just Breathe knack!

Knack is currently running a promotion to help Hurricane Harvey survivors, which I love! For each of these boxes, they will send the same box to an organization that is supporting people impacted by the Hurricane. If you purchase a Moment of Play Knack, they will send one of these boxes to children in shelters. If you buy a knack under the 'toiletries' category, they will also be sending those boxes to victims of the hurricane. All of the proceeds from these sales will be used to purchase more boxes for those affected. 

This post is sponsored but all thoughts and opinions are my own!



A Bath A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Great news–you have just been handed a “prescription” to take a nice bubble bath. It is not for your enjoyment and should not be viewed as a luxury. It is for your physical health. You have to do it in order to be a responsible person. Adulting can be so daunting sometimes…am I right?!

So your working your (very toned) butt off at the gym. Go you!! What types of things are you doing to allow your body to recover though? In addition to stretching every day, you should take baths with Epsom salts. I’m sure that you’ve seen Epsom salts at the grocery store or pharmacy and you may have heard about it’s magical powers. What you may not know is that you should add pure magnesium oil to your bath as well. Magnesium serves as a natural muscle relaxer and pain reliever. I can see your cranky muscles relaxing at just the thought of it!

Go ahead, light some candles, pour in some bubble bath and work on “your health.” You can thank me later.

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