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Getting Girly For Spring

I LOVE wearing dresses. I'd wear them every day if I could. Especially dresses with loose skirts. Not that I'm ever skating but that girly skirt is so pretty. It's also very conducive for carrying food babies aka it's perfect for going out to dinner. Shout out to the sun for finally coming out and for Spring's true arrival because now I get to wear all of those dresses. I love this little tie front and bow up top. The fabric is also so light and soft. Bring on dress season and all of the skater skirts! 

Cinco De Mayo

I use any holiday as an excuse to get dressed up. I LOVED a good theme party in college. I went way too ham on the themes (favorite was a "P" Party where I dressed up as a member of the Purple Parrots from Legends of the Hidden Temple--anyone remember that show?!). Cinco De Mayo seems like a perfect "grown up" version of a theme party where you can dress up in a fun and festive dress (and preferably look like the dancing emoji in the red dress). Grab your margharita and have a fun night!

Shopbop Sale!

I don't want to talk trash on Shopbop while they're having such a big sale but WHOA is it hard to sort through the HUNDREDS of pages of inventory that they carry. You can't filter by price on their web browser, which is my all time favorite move so that makes it extra tricky. They have so many good pieces though so I took the liberty of sorting through thousands of items to compile the ultimate list of items. Best part, all of these items are less than $150 before you apply the promo code for either 20% or 25% off. Use the promo code EVENT17 to get 20% off your order of under $500 and 25% off your order of $500 or more. A lot of the pieces that I linked are also already on sale before this promo aka win mother f-ing win! Hover over any item to see the price. Happy sale shopping my loves!

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